Apple Watch Series 6 and watchOS 7 rumors: Blood Oxygen Levels, ECG, Sleep Tracking, Schooltime and much more

Improved ECG, shareable watch faces, parental control, and more!

Apple Watch will host a bang for a buck of features, better than before, with the all-new Series 6 and watchOS 7. 

According to latest leaks and rumors, the new Apple Watch will have an impressive set of features that includes detection of blood oxygen saturation along with sleep tracking, schooltime, and the “Infograph Pro” watch face with Tachymeter. In nature, an updated Infograph and Infograph Modular watch face introduced in Series 4.

The apps would not require any app extension to operate – a final step to further enhance support for standalone apps in Watch without any need of companion app in Phone. It was done in watchOS 6, but under the hood, a Watch app was still an extension. This is going to be changed with a massive upgrade in the architecture of watchOS in version 7. It means that developers as well could now create independent projects for watchOS apps in Xcode.

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Based on the leaked iOS 14 code snippets, the new Watch appears to be loading the software with significant changes and features like:

Blood Oxygen Detection & ECG

Apple expanded its Watch capabilities with new features focused on health care. The new Watch will be able to detect blood-oxygen levels for the first time. Apple develops a new healthy notification based on critical measurements that will trigger alerts when the Watch will detect blood-oxygen-level below 80%. From 95% to 100%, the Watch will consider healthy conditions. 

The results of ECG done with Apple Watch, at the moment, are not conclusive in case of wider heart rates. Therefore, the ECG feature introduced in Series 4 and 5 is expecting to be upgraded in Series 7 that can do accurate ECG readings with higher heart rates – between 100 and 120 beats per minute. 

Sleep Tracking

When Apple acquired Beddit, we knew Sleep Tracking is going to come to Apple Watch very soon. Apple accidentally mentioned in the Alarm app about its upcoming Sleep App, saying, “Set your bedtime and wake up in the Sleep App” during the iOS 13 developer beta launch. 

The feature will allow users to track the quality of their sleep using multiple sensors and inputs. For any reason, if the user wakes up before the time set for a wake-up alarm, the Watch will automatically turn off the alarm. Users can also choose to vibrate mode if they want a silent alarm. The sleep tracker will automatically set the iPhone to Do Not Disturb. However, it is unclear how Apple is going to introduce Sleep Tracking – it will be part of the software update or hardware.

Kids Mode & Parental Control

Starting with iOS 13.3, Apple has introduced enhanced controls for parents over who to let your kids talk to, give permission to install apps, and prevent web content, and parents will be more excited about the new feature coming to Apple Watch. It will allow them to control the activities of their kids. With their iPhones, parents can pair them up with the Apple Watch of their kids and can actively manage trusted contacts and available music. A single iPhone will pair up with multiple Apple Watch, and users can set which Watch is the one they own and which are Watch for kids. 

Getting into more details, we find that parents can also manage the Apple Watch of their kids when they are in class. With the new Schooltime feature expected, parents can have a check on which apps should only be used during the hours when their kids are in school. 

Apple Watch Faces 

With the all-new watchOS 7 version, Apple will facilitate shared photos as watch faces. 

Users can create personalized digital watch faces using images from their iPhones or Apple Watches. Users may choose a single photo or a whole album. 

The new update also allows the users to set shared photos as their watch face. In other words, all images in Shared Album – added by all members of the album – can be used as a watch face. With that, users will also be able to share their watch face configuration with others.

As mentioned above, the“Infograph Pro” watch face with Tachymeter is expected as well. It does not look like any third-party watch face support is coming in watchOS 7.

Release Date of Apple Watch 6 and watchOS 7

The all-new Apple watchOS 7 with smoother transitions and lofty user experience, we are expecting that Apple will announce the new watchOS at the company’s WWDC in June 2020 but has not yet decided on the dates of the event. 

With the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the world tech industry is severely affected, so it is unclear when the company will be announcing its watchOS 7. 

Apple will release Apple Watch 6 and watchOS 7 in its flagship September event.

Featured image: 9to5mac

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