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Consumer analytics

How To Track Consumer Analytics?

Consumer analytics is an overview of business analytics that focuses on insights that tell you more about your customers. Financial and operations analysis tend...
Hayya card

The Digital Hayya Card: It Offers More Than Just FIFA!

What is the Hayya card? The Qatari government has introduced a digital solution to the problems faced by local and international FIFA fans. The...
B2b social media strategy

Best Practices for B2B Social Media Strategy

Social media is pretty much the biggest channel for businesses in today’s marketing world. No matter what type of business you’re running, there’s a...
social media sentiment analysis

Social Media Sentiment Analysis: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever thought about what people think of your brand? Do they like it? What would they want to change? Although these questions...
hybrid working environment

Hybrid-Working: The Newest Frontrunner

Employees are like a company’s spine, while a good working environment is their core. An exhausted employee will never be able to perform tasks...

E-Marketing: The One-Stop Solution

The key to running a successful business is to somehow let customers embark on the same journey as the business. The main aim...
Digital employee experience

Is Digital Employee Experience Worth Tracking?

Tracking digital employee experience is of utmost importance. You can’t overlook the fact that everything has gone digital after COVID-19. Hence, keeping track of...
Education technology tools

Education Technology Tools: The New Way of Learning

Education and technology have always been a lethal combination. Both entities have a wide variety of techniques. Both of them serve the purpose of...
health information technology

The Science Behind Health Information Technology

Health information technology (HIT) incorporates storage. Retrieval, sharing, and use of data related to an individual’s health care. Using traditional methods about doctor visits...
What is mcommerce

Understanding M-commerce: What is it and Why Should You Care

If you haven't yet jumped on the mobile commerce bandwagon, now is the moment. As a business owner, you must meet your customers wherever...
Tech layoffs

Tech Companies Like Meta Are Announcing Mass Layoffs

Tech industry layoffs are currently reaching new heights, which could point towards uncertainties in the overall industry. Just days after Elon Musk fired nearly...
Short form videos

The Growing Popularity of Short-Form Videos

With the rise of Tiktok, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, brands have the opportunity to tell short stories. This technique can help convert watchers...
Elon Musk Twitter Layoffs

What Changes is Elon Musk Making at Twitter?

After gaining ownership of Twitter, Musk has been on the receiving end of a ton of backlash. His unpredictable approach isn’t sitting well with...
Social media holidays

A 5-Step Guide To Social Media During The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. And so is the time to revamp our marketing strategies. This year, social media is going to be...
User Engagement

User Engagement: A Game-Changer That is Here To Stay

User engagement was always relevant, but during and after COVID-19, it gained the momentum it deserved. It is evident that customers engaged on platforms...
Gaming marketing

Marketing Secrets In The Gaming Industry

Nowadays, digital marketing strategy plays a vital role in the gaming industry, and companies spend millions marketing their games. At times it's even more...
Black Friday Marketing

All You Need to Know About Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Everyone wants to save money, and what is a better way to achieve this than Black Friday? Consumers wait for this holiday anxiously. It...
Ecommerce Tools

Ecommerce Tools: A Necessity or Not?

Finding an ecommerce tool is no longer difficult, but the right one might be. First, you need to understand your business needs and then...
Google Ads Conversion Tracking

How to Set Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking – The Simple Way

Google Ads aren’t cheap. But if you’re generating traffic and conversions, they’re definitely worth all the money you’re putting in. As such, it’s important...
ecommerce analytics

How To Use Ecommerce Analytics For Your Brand

Ecommerce analytics is currently leading the way when it comes to business growth. As new technologies emerge each day, it's safe to say that...
CRM Automation

CRM Automation: The Future

Investing in a CRM software is a clear indication of progress. It indicates that a company is prioritizing scaling and growth for employees and...
Agile working environment

Understanding The World of Agile Working Environment

Agile working environment is all about making the workplace flexible and productive.  By giving your staff different places to work, provide them the freedom and...
Bad credit loans small businesses

Best Bad Credit Loans For Small Businesses

Financing your dreams in these uncertain times isn’t easy. You may have to bend your knee to some private lender or traditional financial institution....
Conversational Commerce

The Ins and Outs of Conversational Commerce

Chris Messina coined the term conversational commerce. It is defined as selling products and services over various chat applications. You can think of it...
Social Media Content Creators

A Simple Guide to Social Media Content Creators

Today, we’re living in the era of social media. It is the most popular pastime for everyone. From kids to adults to grandparents, everybody...
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