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experiential marketing

Experiential Marketing: A Pathway to Increase Customer Loyalty

People love to experience things before making a purchase. Creating fun and engaging experiences help brands to connect with the audience. Offering the right...
Workforce Management Tools

Workforce Management Tools: Hit or Miss?

Your company must have employed software tools for the purpose of workforce management. But in order to determine the tools best suited for your...
hiring freeze

Hiring Freeze: The Contours and the Insights

Hiring freeze is one standard cost-saving measure taken by smart companies. Financial challenge is one of the primary reasons why companies go for it....
cause marketing

The Cause Behind Cause Marketing

Gone are the days when surface-level marketing techniques could cut it. It’s an era of Cause Marketing now. Audiences’ mindsets have changed. And much...
seo campaign

A Five-Step Approach to Running an Effective SEO Campaign

Mastering an SEO campaign isn’t as easy as it sounds. Search engine optimization is a very broad category under digital marketing and thus deserves...
employee satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction: An Uphill Battle?

You must have come across illustrations of sulking employees like the one below. How did it come to this? Who is responsible? And is...
TikTok Ban

TikTok Ban: The Final Goodbye?

After China, the USA is to follow suit regarding the TikTok Ban. Of course, this will come as a shocker to audiences who consume...
Data driven SEO

The Intricacies of Data Driven SEO

There is no business today that stands the tiniest of a chance in the market without effective SEO strategies. An established company is well...
virtual marketing

Virtual Marketing: Taking Marketing to the Next Level

If you have started your business and are excited to grow it, you need to answer a few questions about growing your business. One...
real estate investments 2023

Best Real Estate Investments 2023

Are you looking for the best real estate investments in 2023? Well, we’ve got the answer for you! The real estate industry has grown...
digital marketing KPIs

Digital Marketing KPIs: A Guide to Success

A roadmap of what you are doing is an essential part of any business. Measuring the success of your business is the key to...
content creator economy

The Impact Of Creator Economy

Content creators have impacted the digital market to the extent that it has its own creator economy now.  Undoubtedly, influencers and content creators have...
hybrid work schedules

Hybrid Work Schedules: How to Choose The Best One

In the past working schedules, we saw people arrive at the office sharp at nine and leave at five. However, the traditional walk down...
Marketing Tools

Top Tools for Your Marketing Arsenal! 

What exactly is meant by marketing tools? We refer to them as software tools that assist marketers in promoting their products/services. There are different...
personalized marketing

Power of Personalized Marketing

The question is: What is personalized marketing? Simply put, it is the practice of tailoring marketing messages and campaigns to the individual needs and...
internal communication strategies

Internal Communication Strategies: A Definitive Guide

Simply put, an internal communications strategy helps entrepreneurs define business goals. Once the objective is specified, the next step is conveying it to your...
building brand awareness through social media

Building Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Building brand awareness through social media is the easiest way to get your brand name out there. And why shouldn’t they? Modern technology has...
Keyword optimization

Keyword Optimization: SEO Heaven

Keyword optimization comes with a primary goal of selecting keywords that are effective for driving the best organic traffic to your site and ranking...
customer relationship marketing

Customer Relationship Marketing: How Does It Work?

Customer relationship marketing is essential for long-term growth of any business. This type of marketing model focuses on retaining customers through customer centric marketing...

Ghostwriting: A Gateway to Your Writing Dreams?

Ghostwriting is the practice of writing for someone else, usually for a fee, without being credited for the work. The person who hires the...
TikTok trends 2023

Everlasting TikTok Trends 2023

There was a time when TikTok did not resonate with many people. Users were still contemplating whether it was an app only for entertainment...
social media algorithms

A 2023 Guide to Social Media Algorithms 

We’re living in the age of social media right now. People use these apps and sites for entertainment and to stay on top of...
why is performance management important?

Performance Management: Why Is It Important For Business

Performance management has been a core solution based on hindsight. With advancements in technology, managers use tools to provide feedback. Using these tools makes...
management styles

Reimagining Management Styles 

Not a single business works if it doesn’t know how to adopt different management styles. Whether it’s a small business or a business...
person holding iPhone taking picture on Nike label

Branding Strategies: Redefine and Grow Your Business

Every business requires branding; you need a proper branding strategy to do it well. There are many branding strategies to choose from, but you...
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