Best External Drives for Mac in 2024

Sometimes, the storage you have available on your Mac might not be enough. You might be a photographer, so all the photo editing software and high-quality photos take up a lot of storage. In cases like this, you need the right external drives for Mac. You might be a videographer, which means you fall into the same category with your videos and software. You might be a programmer, an editor, or have any other job that requires you to keep track of your files.

Or you might just want to be sure that all your memories and essential documents are stored in a safe and secure place. And for this, you need an external drive. Well, the market is quite wide and it offers you a lot of options. You might have some requirements, such as a portable hard drive. So, are you looking for a Mac-compatible external hard drive? Say no more. Here are the best external drives for Macs in 2024.

Top 4 External Drives for Mac

Check out these external drives for Mac to fulfill your storage needs.

LaCie Mobile Drive 

If you are looking for external storage for a Mac that matches its aesthetics, then you should consider LaCie Mobile Drive. Its design is sleek; it is portable and compact. You can choose from a wide variety of storage options without worrying about their quality.

If you need an external hard drive, you probably know your space on your Mac is limited. You can check Mac memory to become aware of how much memory you have left. And you can then plan your purchase. Check how much storage space is on your Mac and plan your storage management. When you notice you are running low, you can consider buying a LaCie Mobile Drive. Its features are a guarantee of its quality. 

Samsung Portable SSD T9 

Another excellent option you have is the Samsung Portable SSD T9. Even though it is a bit pricey, it comes in capacities up to 4TB. Which might be exactly what you need if you need a lot of storage for large files. It has exceptional speed and it is also certified drop-proof. They say it is the SSD for content creators, so if you have photos and videos in large sizes, this might be the perfect choice for your needs. It comes in a compact metal design, so it goes well with Mac aesthetics too.

Crucial X9 Pro

Looking for the best external drive for Mac this year? Then, you should add Crucial X9 Pro to your list. If you are looking for one that is tiny but powerful, then this one’s for you. It has up to 4 TB of storage, hardware-based encryption, and a long warranty.

So, it could indeed be the perfect option for your needs. It has a high rating for dust and water resistance. And in case anything happens, you have a five-year warranty, so no worries. You will not lose the documents you store on it, no matter what happens. However, you should be aware that one of its cons is the short USB cable. And you do not get an adapter either. Yet, these are not some cons that cannot be easily solved.

WD My Passport

The 5TB WD My Passport is a competitive option for regular, sensitive data backups. You can also use it to keep an enormous library of images, movies, and documents. It has an incredible mix of reliable performance, hardware encryption, and practical tools.

Even though the 5TB option is more expensive than its 4TB brother, meaning it has a higher price per TB, it comes with many advantages. It is small and light, so it is perfect for people who are always on the go and traveling. It also has hardware encryption with a password, so in case you lose it or it is stolen, your files are protected. And maybe one of the most amazing features is that it comes with apps for restore and backup. These allow you to check your drive’s health and many other things you should be aware of. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what domain you work in or what hobby you have, you want to keep all your memories and documents safe and sound. Some photos and videos might be just an album of memories. However, others might be part of your job. For example, content creators have lots of content pieces, so they need a large storage space.

And most of the time, the space you need exceeds the one available on your laptop. In these cases, you need an excellent external drive. And you need one compatible with your Mac. Well, this list of the best ones can narrow your options a little bit. These thunderbolt drives for Mac can ease your life. So, depending on the precise features you are looking for, one of these options will definitely meet your needs. 

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