iOS 14 Rumors: All the new features coming to iPhone

It may be called iPhoneOS.

Apple users are waiting eagerly for the major update to the iOS operating systems with iOS 14. The latest major version is expected to be rolled out in September 2020 as per the previous launching trend. However, the iPhone 12 launch may get delayed this year, which could affect the release date of iOS 14 as well. 

This update is hugely critical regarding quality and performance because the company has already faced extreme criticism regarding the previous troubled launch of iOS 13. Some of them include slower wireless charging, weird mail app bugs, and Siri problems. Anyhow, the company fixed many of them in the later versions. 

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Bloomberg had readily reported back in 2019 about Apple’s decision to overhaul its development and testing process to address the bugs in iOS 14 efficiently before its final launch.

We expect to hear out officially about iOS 14 at the upcoming developer-focused entirely virtual WWDC 2020 event that is about to start from June 22, 2020, but thanks to a leaked build of the software that let us make some educated guesses beforehand.

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Remember, test software has commands to disable buggy features by default. It will assist Apple’s internal testers in enabling or disabling them. So, it is safe to say, iOS 14 features leaked out in the testing period may not appear in its final release.

Now, without further ado, let’s dig straight into iOS 14 rumors!

iOS 14: iPhoneOS naming

It is expected that Apple will rename its iOS to iPhoneOS starting with iOS 14. iPhoneOS is originally called till 2010 when the company announced the first iPad and started with iOS 4. It was the default operating system for both the iPhone and iPad. Now with a separate iPadOS for iPads launched last year, the iOS will be rebranded as iPhoneOS again.

iOS 14: List view option in Home Screen

The new iOS will come with a feature to list apps. We are most likely right now to see apps on the home screen as a grid. Starting with iPhoneOS (or iOS 14), an option would be to now see apps primarily in a list view as well. The list view can let you see all apps in one list and option to filter apps based on: 

Unread notifications

A filter to list apps having unread notifications. This functionality is useful from an organizational perspective.

Recently used apps

This filter will let users see recent apps by applying the filter in list view options. It will make them analyze the apps they use frequently or least.

Smart suggestions by Siri

This functionality will display apps recommendations to the users based on their schedule, time and location.

iOS 14: Transforming iMessage into group working tool

A few months back, MacRumors announced that Apple is testing a few new iMessage features. So, most probably, we will see them in the iOS 14 release. 

  • Users would be able to tag other contacts by typing their names “@name.” 
  • Option to allow notifications despite “hide alerts” enabled upon name mentioned directly in group chat.
  • Messages could be retracted after sending, and both senders, as well as a receiver, would be notified.
  • Previously, developer Steve Troughton-Smith revealed that Apple is working on a Catalyst based version of messages app for Mac. 

The predicted aforementioned features are pointing out that Apple is prone to transform iMessage into a group working tool like Slack. Maybe the company is going to give a fierce competition in the coming days, who knows!

iOS 14: New Fitness app – guided workout videos

Apple is most likely to launch a fitness app for its users. As per confident rumors, this app will include guided workout videos with a broader exercise scope, including walking, running, cycling, rowing, stretching, core and strength training, dance, and yoga.

It will be a separate standalone app and will not replace the current ‘Activity’ app. Users will probably be able to see the activities on multiple Apple devices – Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone; meanwhile, the Apple Watch will track their progress by monitoring the moves and exercise schedule.

Back in 2014, social media giant Facebook acquired fitness and activity tracking apps, i.e., “Moves,” but later on, it had to shut down this app due to low usage

It makes it questionable whether Apple’s fitness app would gain noteworthy popularity or not!

iOS 14: New Accessibility features

Apple is more likely to include a few more accessibility features in its upcoming update. It involves detecting important sounds, camera detecting hand gestures, and assistive Audio Accommodations.

iOS 14 will translate these important sound alerts into haptics for the people with hearing loss. Likewise, cameras would have the functionality to detect hand gestures. Last but not least, Audio Accommodations are also expected, which would enhance audio tuning over AirPods.

Last year, Apple’s biggest rival – Samsung unveiled “Good Vibes” an app for visually impaired deaf-blind and low vision people. Now, let’s see to which extent iOS 14 will aid hearing-impaired people. 

iOS 14: Augmented Reality Shopping App

Apple’s first AR wearable is expected to be launched in 2020, and iOS 14 is also bringing an AR shopping app codenamed Gobi. 

It would be triggered by scanning a QR Code or detection of a nearby iBeacon or AirTag.

The users would be able to access more information about things around them, such as product information, prices, and other data in the camera view of compatible Apple devices. 

iOS 14: Compatible devices

It is being said that iOS 14 will be compatible with all devices which were supported by iOS 13 except iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and 6S Plus. However, the new second-generation iPhone SE launched earlier in 2020 will be supported. 

The company usually releases its initial developer beta the same day of the keynote WWDC event, so it is expected to be released on June 22, right on the event day. Likewise, a public beta program for iOS 14, which is meant to address user complaints regarding software, is expected to be released in the coming month of July.

Anyhow, the picture would get much clearer after the feedback from the public beta software program. Until then, keep your fingers crossed!

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