Apple Releases Beta Version for iOS 15

Beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS are now released.

Apple confirms the release of its beta version for the new iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8. The first public version is released and you can download it by signing up for it on the beta Apple website. This means that iOS 15 is just around the corner and Apple users should get ready for it.

However, this is just the first release of the beta version which means there will be many more releases in the coming months and you would be required to update quite frequently for all the bug fixes. 

Apple aims to gather reviews from a large user base over the next few months and make sure that iOS 15 soon reaches its final shape. 

Apple also releases the developer beta versions along with public ones. Its second developer beta version was released just a few days after the first public version which means the two could have a lot in common. 

The final version of iOS 15 is expected released in September 2021. 

What’s new in iOS 15? 

iOS 15 beta version shows a handful of new features. This includes Apple SharePlay which allows users to share their screens and watch movies and shows together. 

Another feature that has got all the users excited is the freedom to personalize notifications and set different moods for your convenience. This means you have the option to select the specific applications and contacts that will be able to display notifications for a selected time frame. So you can now personalize the notifications to different moods for work, gym time, and your free time. 

iOS 15 brings SharePlay in FaceTime, Live Text feature, and revamped Notifications. Image: Apple

Another exciting thing to look forward to is the complete redesign of the Safari web browser. The focus of the redesign is easier one hand use with tab groupings, and the search bar shifting to the bottom of the screen. watchOS 8 has some of its own features to explore too. 

Live Text feature, we saw similar last year in Apple Event with the launch of iPad, is also coming to iPhone. This feature can help you recreate text from handwritten on paper using artificial intelligence and optical character recognition algorithms.

How to install a iOS 15 beta on your iPhone?

After you have signed up or logged in to the Apple beta website, download the configuration file to the device you want to install the beta version in. Then the file will tell you to update public betas in your phone, just like any other software update. 

Once done, restart your device and head to the settings where you will find an update available. Proceed with the update to launch the iOS 15 beta version on your phone. The update for the final iOS 15 version will appear by September and you can then delete the configuration profile. 

The beta version for watchOS 8 shall also be downloaded on your iPhone that the watch is connected to.

Should you install the beta version of iOS? 

Installing the beta version of iOS carries a few risks which you should be prepared to deal with if you plan on doing anything like that. Here we have three main risks involved: 

  • Some of your apps are likely to not work properly on the beta version and that is a compromise you should be ready to make.
  • The battery life is going to suffer because one of the bug fixes made during beta releases is optimizing apps for battery.
  • Some bugs are too extreme like failing to recognize the SIM card which makes it impossible to perform the basic actions like calling, texting, and using data. 

This is why we suggest that you only install the beta version if you have a spare Apple device. Doing it on your primary smartphone will expose you to all the risks mentioned above and your device may become useless to you. 

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