iPhone is soon getting over-the-air OS recovery, iOS 13.4 beta 3 is out

You will not need iTunes or any other software to install firmware in iOS devices anymore, soon.

Apple has released itsĀ third iOS 13.4 betaĀ testing version, accessible for developers, for iPhone which includes OTA – Over the air – “OS recovery” where iOS devices will be able to restore itself with an external server.Ā 

With the time smartphones have become independent of the computer, users can just update their device firmware over-the-air for a long time. 

But now users will be able to restore the Apple device’s firmware when and where ever necessary using the internet connection, over-the-air. This feature is discovered by 9to5Mac team while playing with the latest beta version.

Users don’t have to make the devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch connected with computer to undertake the recovery process anymore. Right now, the only way to install firmware in the iDevices is by connecting it to a Mac or PC via Finder or iTunes. The desired firmware is downloaded in the computer and then installed on the phone.

The new OTA support additionally will allow the users to interface their Apple devices like the iPhone with another iPhone to do the restoration with a proper physical association, similar to how Apple’s Migration Tool works.

However, in case Apple Watches and HomePods stop working, then users must consult Apple Store or authorized service providers as the devices don’t have over-the-air recovery or wired connectors so far. There is no update about any OTA for such devices so far. 

Before the third beta, the first set of the iOS 13.4 beta version was out on February 5, and after that, on February 19, the second beta version was out. The beta versions show new improvements like iCloud Drive folder sharing, new Memoji stickers, Keyboard layout issues for different languages, Mail toolbar with the new arrangements, shortcuts for Photos keyboard, TV app family sharing feature, prompt location access, and much more. iOS 13.4 will enable the developers to use the universal purchases feature to bundle iOS and Mac apps into one. 

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It is also found that Apple is working on a Carkey API based on system codes. The least we know about the new Carkey API is it will make it possible to use the iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock, lock, and start a car. 

The OS recovery feature is similar to the one already available in macOS for years to reinstall the operating system using an internet connection over-the-air.

Apple, like always, has not confirmed yet when the new iOS 13.4 beta features will roll out. But we expect it to be out in two weeks.Ā 

How to enroll in iPhone Beta testing

Anyone with a membership in the Apple Developer Program can install the latest beta of iOS. However, it is recommended not to install the beta on primary devices as there is a possibility that users will lose all of their data or may get into some other issues like bugs. Remember, beta versions are only for testing, and it is better to install the beta on a secondary device and after doing the careful backups. 

FeaturedĀ Credits:Ā NurPhoto/Getty

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