Top Reasons Your iPhone Is Not Charging

Are you having trouble charging your iPhone? Don't fret because we have all the solutions to fix this issue!

iPhone charging issues and worried users have now become a rising concern. People spend over a thousand dollars on their smartphones just to see a charging issue make the device seem useless. Unfortunately, technology errors and faults are becoming a usual part of this digitally improvising world and we need to learn possible ways to tackle these problems.

In this article we talk about the most common reasons why your phone faces problems with charging connectivity, charging speed, etc. Many users conclude that they need to replace the battery of their Apple device but that’s not true. Here, you will find the possible problems you face and what to do about them.

The charging port could be filled with lint

One of the most common reasons for a phone not responding to charger’s connectivity is lint filling up the charging port. Lint refers to small textile fibers that come off any piece of cloth. Lint finds its way in your charging port because you keep it in your pocket for most of the time. 


This is nothing to worry about if this happens. All you need to do is switch off your phone and grab a toothpick. Now place the toothpick in your phone’s charging port and brush it around slowly. Make sure you’re not reckless or too rushed about it otherwise you can damage the charging port. Pull out all the lint using the toothpick, and plug the lightning cable back in to see your phone charging perfectly well.

Your lightning cable could be damaged

Another common reason for an iPhone not charging is the damaged lightning cable. This is because the cable has suffered some hard bend or pulls that it’s broken inside. Sometimes the cable is frayed and it does not conveniently flow the electricity through, which slows down the charging speed. 


There’s no possible way to fix your broken or frayed cable. Hence, the best option you have is to use another cable at home, or buy a new one. It is suggested that you first use a borrowed cable and see the charging difference to confirm if the charging wire is the problem. Once you’re sure, you can get yourself a new Apple certified lightning cable to fix the charging issue once and for all.

Your device’s charging port may need repairs

If the above mentioned solutions don’t work for you, it is quite possible that your charging port is damaged. This problem does not have a DIY solution, consequently your iPhone may need a service.


This service is provided by the Apple Store or certified Apple service provider. They have professionals who get high-skilled training for Apple devices to fix any hardware issues with the device and all centers provide the same quality of services. They will review the hardware of your phone to see where the issue resides. Furthermore, they will fix your phone with genuine Apple parts. If you still have an eligible AppleCare or AppleCare+ subscription the costs will be covered by Apple, otherwise you may have to pay for the repairs of your phone. 

The device stops charging at 80 Percent

You may have noticed at times that your phone takes too long to charge beyond 80 percent of battery life. This happens because your phone heats up, and in order to protect your phone from overheating and damaging any of the parts, the AI stops the charging itself, and waits for the phone to cool down. 


This issue usually arises when your phone is charging in a relatively warm temperature. Charging your phone already heats it up, but it worsens because of high room temperature. The best solution is charging your iPhone in a cooler room or location. As soon as your phone cools down, you will notice a difference in charging. 

Another reason why your phone may stop charging, or slow the charging down at 80 percent is because the iPhone uses optimized battery charging. This is when the on-device machine learning comes into action and determines that your phone may be plugged in for a long-time, so it reduces the charging speed to make sure it does not overheat. 

Other Possible Problems and Solutions

Charging Equipment Replacement

It is quite possible that the adapter, cable, or the socket has something wrong with it. Try replacing all three items turn-by-turn, and you will figure out where the problem lies.

Force Restart

Sometimes your device just needs to be refreshed and it starts working fine again. You can force restart your phone by holding the power button along with volume up/volume down button. Hold the button for at least 20-30 seconds to make sure the device restarts. Try charging again when it restarts.

If the force restart does not work, and you are sure that the problem persists with the software and not the hardware, we recommend visiting a specialist at the Apple Store. Your phone may need a DFU restore which requires a quite tech savvy technician and we won’t recommend you doing that yourself. 

Electronic devices and charging problems are quite a common issue that have persisted for a long time. Smartphones tend to have these issues very commonly and it is nearly impossible to totally avoid them, specifically when you have been using a device for more than a year. 

Therefore, we suggest that every individual must educate themselves with such techniques and be aware of the possible issues so they can determine a solution when they face a problem. 

Have you faced a different issue than the ones we mentioned above? Let us know in the comments. 

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