Why is COVID-19 the best time to use social media for business?

The usage of social media is all-time high under global lockdown.

Social media is like magic carpet stories that used to fascinate us in childhood. But now, with the advancement in technology, it has revolutionized the way businesses advertise themselves. With a global lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic right now, people are spending time online more than ever. It is the best time you could mark your business presence, promote your business throughout the world, and interact with your targeted audience within a few hours. 

Even though many businesses are at a halt, uncertain about their future, and raising funds to survive like Airbnb amid Coronavirus outbreak, there are companies doing businesses online for years like Amazon. Amazon has hired 100,000 people last month, and not it is hiring another 75,000 which clearly gives a message that online businesses are flourishing during the COVID-19 crisis.

By using social media as a powerful tool, companies can get potential clients from the ocean of 3.80 billion users. With digital businesses are seeing a spike, it is being said that the world will be totally changed once COVID-19 is over, and trends in e-commerce and online marketing will see a huge boom which is going to last decades. 

If your business has the potential to go online, but you have not moved in yet, unfortunately, with the recession at arm’s length, you are doomed. However, its never too late; with digital presence and utilizing social media, you can unleash maximum potential and gains from your business. 

Nowadays, a business could not imagine to grow and stand out among its competitors without social media. Companies neglecting their power are only planning to fail.

Here are some fantastic social media strategies for businesses to grow or reach their potential clients. 

Highly qualified leads

Along with social traffic, social media platforms offer paid advertisements. You can target the audience of your choice, which is more like inbound marketing – you only show the customers what they want to see instead of advertisements like televisions that are forced on the viewers. 

Social media platforms allow businesses to do laser targeting by setting demographics precisely. Using social media to promote a company not only generates leads but the highly qualified leads by carefully targeting potential clients. 

A business must generate content according to the readers’ interests, use appealing graphics, and include call-to-action to reap benefits of advertising fully.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

SEO is all about optimizing websites for organic search rankings. As per SearchEngineLand, organic search is responsible for 53% of all site traffic. It alone is responsible for more than half! 

Every business would want to improve SEO strategies, and one of the white hat SEO strategies is to use social media for getting higher ranking in search engines. 

Web Pages could get a lot of traffic from social media. Once Google starts noticing higher traffic on a webpage and receives increased social signals, it will consider it as a part of the ranking algorithm. Additionally, domain authority increases when the social media share rate increases. 

Build a strong connection with the audience

If businesses only rely on websites, then they sometimes get restricted only to posting about their services or products. It is not enough if they want to build a relationship with the audience.

Research shows users do visit social media pages as ‘social proof’ of the brand before purchasing the brand’s products or services for the first time. It is also the source of building trust with potential customers.

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Social media is a great way to get connected with the relevant audience through a variety of content, and you can use the power of multiple social media platforms. For example, posting humorous content (non-offensive) could work better for Facebook, publishing stories on Instagram’s account could attract audience attention, YouTube could be used for informative videos, and live sessions could be a great option for question-answer sessions. 

Do not forget to engage with users who reply or want to get in touch. This is the best place to provide expert opinions and catch the attention of the customer.

Engaging Micro-Influencers 

Social media influencers usually publish content within a specific niche. A business should search and contract these influencers to promote their products. It is a smart way to hit potential audience because influencers have a massive fanbase interested in a specific niche. They trust the influencers, so it could also be the highly qualified leads.

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Keep an eye on the competitors

Besides the great old SEO based competitor analysis, companies can use social media to watch out competitors. Keeping an eye on competitors’ strategies is too essential. A presence on social media would help a brand to monitor policies of competitive companies that use social media, most-engaging, and their well-performing content pieces. 

A business could do the competitor’s social media analysis from various competitor analysis tools as well. Some of them include Sprout SocialAhrefsMoz, and SemRush.

Thing to Remember

Multiple platforms come under the umbrella of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are a few of the major platforms. Billions of users are present on each of these platforms. The social media platforms’ recent stats are revealing it’s real power.

The stats explain that 66% of the Facebook users say they like or follow a brand on the social media giant, 90% of Instagram’s user follow a brand on this platform, 79% of Twitter users remain curious for new things, 83% of weekly Pinners made a purchase from a brand they see on Pinterest, and 45% of the marketers have gained a customer through LinkedIn. 

Every platform has the potential to attract clients. But the thing to remember is not every platform would generate good results for all types of businesses. For example, Twitter would work best for a news website, and the best platform to hit fashionistas is Instagram. 

The bottom line is as a brand you have to choose the platform which is perfect for your niche. Go where your potential followers are and do not miss the opportunity. Many universities Feel free to reach me out at [email protected] for consultation.

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