PlayStation 5 ‘DualSense’ controller comes with Haptic Feedback, Adaptive Triggers, and built-in mic

Sony has unveiled its new DualSense wireless game controller for the latest cutting edge PlayStation 5 gaming console. With many modern features, Sony is giving gamers a significant intel about how the company will provide them a vastly improved controller for...

PlayStation 5 specifications and details are out officially

Sony has finally paved its road to the launch of PlayStation 5 (PS5), a next-generation PlayStation console, revealing the specifications of its hardware in a live stream. The new Sony PS5 will come with a high performing specs including 16GB of...

Call of Duty: Warzone is the best Battle Royale game since Fortnite

Call of Duty: Warzone is now a hugely popular free-to-play battle royale game, which looks like its going to take the crown of the massively multiplayer online game from Fortnite. It is not just free-to-play but also offers game-changing features like...

Pokemon HOME is available now on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

The Pokemon Company International has finally announced its new cloud system, Pokemon HOME, for the players of Pokemon gamers. The cloud service allows its players to bring their Pokemon in one place i.e., Pokemon Box. Pokemon HOME has an app now which is available...

Nintendo Switch deliveries are late because of coronavirus

Nintendo breaks the news of the delay in the production and shipment of its Switch consoles to Japan due to the coronavirus epidemic. The company apologized to the current situation and informed that monitorization is being done soon will update.

PlayStation sales decline as Sony gears up for PS5

PS4 sales are declining year by year as the next-generation PlayStation console is on the horizon. This year (2020), we will get to see many new tech devices, including PS5, as old-tech is one of the reasons why the sales are...

JBL announces new Quantum gaming headsets at CES 2020

JBL by Harman has announced its entry into the gaming industry by introducing a range of gaming headphones at CES 2020. The headset's range, named Quantum, by the first impression looks professional and feature-rich for a truly immersed competitive gaming expereince.

Call of Duty adds snowball fight, winter themes, and double XP in holiday-only update

Call of Duty team is bringing holiday update to make the Christmas and winter more lively. The publisher Activision has shared some updates in a recent post, which we are going to share below. Snowfight and Drop Zone modes

Counter Strike champs ‘Astralis’ going for first ever esports team IPO

Astralis, one of the leading esports brand and the world's number one Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is all set to become the first publicly listed esports company. The team has won millions of dollars in the form of tournament prizes.  Now...

Bunch raises $3.85 million from SuperCell, Tencent, and Riot Games for social gaming

Bunch, a soical gaming party app, which allows you to play your favorite games with friends in a group with a video chat, has raised $3.85 million in funding from gaming giants like Supercell, Tencent, Miniclip, Riot Games, and Colopl Next. 

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