Apple acquired image processing startup Spectral Edge

The startup uses some serious AI to improve photos!

Apple has acquired Spectral Edge, a startup with technology that improves photos taken on smartphones.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the startup based in Cambridge, UK, has made some filings public on Thursday, which shows Apple has acquired the company. Peter Ronald Denwood is made their new director.

Moreover, the other six members of the startup’s board are terminated the same day. The acquisition cost is unknown so far. 

Spectral Edge was founded in 2011. It focusses on an impressive image processing and machine learning technology to improve photos, which could be a reason the iPhone maker took interest in it. The startup received $5.3 million Series A investment in 2018. 

Patented ‘Image Fusion’ tech

Spectral Edge uses a patented Image Fusion tech[pdf], which takes an infrared shot and combines it in a standard photo to improve the image, along with a blend of Deep Learning to reveal more of the color, detail, crispiness, and clarity in images.

Here is the Spectral Edge Image Fusion Theory and Applications video:

Apple ambitious plans

Even though Apple is dominating in the market of wearables like Apple Watch and AirPods, and its wearables revenue is already exceeding peak iPod sales. Apple is pushing improvements in its iPhone as well as future products equally. 

Apple added triple-lens hardware in the iPhone 11 Pro, revealed in September.

With Artifical Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality defining the shape of the mobile photography under the hood software, more advanced photography expereince in the upcoming iPhones is now predicted.

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The tech giant is investing in acquiring companies working on futuristic technology. The Cupertino based one of the most valuable companies in the world acquired Intel’s smartphone ‘5G’ modem business in June and an AI-based self-driving car system manufacturer in June, the top acquisitions of 2019. 

Apple also acquired Spektral, another photography based startup, last year for over $30 million. Spektral created a technology that can separate people and objects from their background in photos. 

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