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In the ever-evolving landscape of wearable technology, smart watches have become indispensable companions, seamlessly blending style and functionality. As we step into 2024, the smart watch market is poised for a paradigm shift, with anticipated innovations and enhancements that promise to redefine the user experience.

The contemporary smart watch serves as more than just a timekeeping device; it’s a comprehensive health and fitness tracker, a notification hub, and an extension of our digital lives. With fast-paced advancements in technology, these wrist-worn gadgets are evolving at an unprecedented rate, addressing the growing demands of tech-savvy consumers.

The relevance of staying attuned to the latest smart watch developments cannot be overstated. As health and fitness tracking capabilities, battery life, and device integration take center stage, the modern consumer seeks a holistic and seamless experience.

In this article, we’ll delve into the key features that are expected to dominate the smart watch landscape in 2024, offering insights into the exciting advancements awaiting enthusiasts.

Key Features to Look for in 2024 Smart watches

Here are a few things we’re looking forward to in 2024:

Advanced Health and Fitness Tracking

At the forefront of smart watch evolution is the realm of health and fitness tracking. Current devices provide insights into heart rate, sleep patterns, and physical activities, but the next generation aims to push the boundaries even further.

Anticipate advanced biometric sensors capable of monitoring not only physiological metrics but also delving into more nuanced health indicators. From stress levels to hydration tracking, smartwatches in 2024 are expected to offer a comprehensive view of our well-being.

Battery Life Enhancements

One of the perennial challenges faced by smart watches has been battery life. As these devices pack in more features, the demand for extended usage without frequent recharging has intensified.

The upcoming crop of smartwatches promises significant strides in battery technology. Whether through more efficient power management or breakthroughs in battery materials, users can look forward to a prolonged lifespan between charges, making these wearables even more convenient for daily use.

This development addresses a longstanding concern, ensuring that users can rely on their smart watches throughout the day without the anxiety of a dwindling battery.

Leading Smartwatch Manufacturers


In the realm of smart watches, Apple has been a trailblazer, setting the bar high with its Apple Watch series. As we traverse further into 2024, the anticipation surrounding Apple’s next move is palpable. Industry insiders speculate on the evolution of the Apple Watch 9 and Ultra.

Rumors suggest enhanced health monitoring features, refined design aesthetics, and possibly even integration with augmented reality applications. Apple’s commitment to seamless ecosystem integration ensures that the Apple Watch remains a cornerstone in the interconnected world of Apple devices.


Samsung’s foray into the smart watch arena has been marked by a commitment to striking a balance between style and functionality. The Galaxy Watch series has garnered praise for its elegant design and robust feature set.

In 2024, Samsung enthusiasts eagerly await the next iteration. They hope for improvements in processing power, display technology, and health tracking capabilities.

With a legacy of innovation, Samsung is poised to deliver excellent smart watches. These not only complement their smartphone lineup but also pushes the boundaries of what a wrist-worn device can achieve.

Other Notable Brands

While Apple and Samsung dominate the conversation, other players in the smartwatch arena are not to be overlooked. Garmin, known for its prowess in fitness-oriented wearables, is expected to introduce new models catering to outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. 

Fitbit is likely to integrate deeper with Android ecosystems, offering users a seamless experience. The diversity in these offerings contributes to a rich and varied smartwatch landscape. This ensures that consumers can find a device that aligns with their preferences, regardless of brand loyalty.

As we explore the unfolding narrative of smartwatches in 2024, these leading manufacturers will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the industry. They influence design trends, feature sets, and user expectations.

Let’s move on to the most anticipated smart watches of 2024!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

Source: Android Central

The anticipation for Samsung’s 2024 smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 7, is building, with rumors and expectations circulating. While Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed the release, unofficial information suggests the introduction of a Watch 7 Pro.

Notably, the rumored 3-nanometer chipset could bring significant battery life improvements over the Watch 6 series.

There’s demand for functional blood pressure monitoring, better compatibility with non-Samsung phones, and GPX mapping for running on the Watch 7 Pro. It is speculated to be a potential August 2024 release, based on Samsung’s historical pattern.

Apple Watch X

Source: Medium

As the 10th anniversary of the original Apple Watch approaches, rumors are circulating about a potential landmark update in 2024. The speculated Apple Watch X is expected to feature a major redesign. It is aiming for a slimmer casing and a refreshed design. Notably, Apple is exploring a magnetic attachment system for bands. This could free up internal space, contributing to the slimmer case.

Rumors suggest a shift to microLED display technology. MicroLED offers improved energy efficiency, faster response times, better contrast, and vibrant colors compared to other display types.

The 2024 Apple Watch, possibly labeled Apple Watch X, is rumored to include blood pressure monitoring, detecting hypertension trends. Sleep apnea detection is also anticipated, utilizing sleep data and breathing patterns.

Apple’s pursuit of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, though challenging, is in progress. But it may not be ready for the 10th anniversary launch. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests this functionality might arrive towards the end of the decade.

The potential release hinges on Apple’s historical pattern. It will possibly unveil the next Apple Watch iteration on either in September or the release date in April.

Garmin Liliy 2

Source: Android Authority

Garmin has introduced the Lily 2, maintaining its focus on minimalist fitness and health tracking while emphasizing a stylish design.

Sleep-tracking features have been enhanced, including Sleep Score and Sleep Details on the watch widget. Safety alerts for incidents like bike crashes are now incorporated. The Lily 2 also introduces new sport profiles such as HIIT, Row Indoor, Walk Indoor, and Meditation.

The Lily 2 costs $249 for the silicon band and $279 for the Classic Nylon band. Meanwhile, the Classic Leather band costs $299. This marks a $50 increase from Lily 1. So, the Lily 2 aims to balance style with functionality. Real-world testing by the author and spouse will provide insights into its performance in daily life, sports, and workouts.

The transition from a plastic to a metal case and the standard 14mm band look great. Also, the addition of Garmin Pay is a notable improvement. The introduction of safety alerts for incidents like bike crashes enhances the device’s safety features.

New sport profiles, including Dance Fitness with various dance types, broaden the Lily 2’s fitness capabilities. Despite these enhancements, the $50 price increase is acknowledged.

The Lily 2 retains the series’ baseline features. These include a 35mm case design, 24×7 activity tracking, optical HR and PulseOx sensors. It also has stress and sleep tracking, as well as female health tracking. In addition, it has a claimed battery life of up to five days and a variety of sports modes. So, the Lily 2 offers a comprehensive yet stylish smart watch option.

Redifining Wearable Tech

The smart watch landscape in 2024 stands at the intersection of style, functionality, and innovation. Features like advanced health tracking, extended battery life, and a seamless lifestyle will define the trajectory of these wrist-worn companions. The competitive landscape includes notable players like Garmin and Fitbit, ensuring a diverse range of options for consumers.

The future promises a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, reflecting the ever-growing demands of a tech-savvy audience. Whether it’s watches in 2024 will have some remarkable features such as blood pressure monitoring and safety alerts.

The evolution of smart watches becomes a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation. It will take wearable technology to the next level.

Which smart watch are you looking forward to? Talk to us in the comments below!

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