Foxconn expects to bring workers back to work by the end of March

Foxconn - the factory of the world - manufactures iPhone, PlayStation, Xbox, and many more gadgets.

Foxconn is bringing its workers back to work to resume the normal production in China by the end of March. More than half of the workforce has already started working following the coronavirus outbreak. 

The Taiwanese firm, Foxconn, stopped and postponed the production due to the outbreak of coronavirus in China. This upset the global tech supply chain as Nintendo switch deliveries delayed due to coronavirus and many companies pulled out of MWC 2020 amid coronavirus concerns who planned to launch their new phones in the event. Following the concerns, yet the company gave the notice to its workers to postpone the resumption of production until further notice. 

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However, on Tuesday morning, the company said that it will resume the normal production in China by the end of March. 

The company assembles gadgets for Apple Inc in a factory in Zhengzhou in central China and two other plants in Shenzhen. The Foxconn shut down badly impacted the production and shipment of iPhones. 

Not only this but the production of many other electronic devices was also delayed as Foxconn also manufactures products for other tech companies like BlackBerry, Amazon, Nintendo, Nokia, Sony, Microsoft. All-in-all the company manufactures an estimated whooping 40% of all consumer electronics sold worldwide. 

With the company shut down, Apple being its top client, had a decline in its March quarter sales due to the slow production in China, travel restrictions and an extended Lunar New Year break. 

Nevertheless, Foxconn’s come back could be gospel for Apple. The chairman of the company, Liu Young, said: “Prevention of the outbreak, resumption of work and production are our top priority.” He further said that the company’s “long-term cooperation” with suppliers will also help provide a cushion against the rise in prices of some components.

The outbreak of coronavirus has spread to almost 70 countries infecting 90,000 people globally, mostly in China, and 3000 deaths have been filed due to this dreadful virus. Still, Foxconn is hopeful about the decline in the coronavirus cases, majorly in China. 

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