Job Interview Strategies 

If you find yourself at a dead-end in your job-hunt, try these strategies!

If you want to get your dream job or hire top talent, use job interview strategies we present to you in this article. It is important to be well-prepared for an interview as this can define the trajectory of your future career. For recruiters, first impressions matter. This is why it is essential to be at your best behavior during the interview session.  

Here’s the ultimate guide to job interview preparation! 

The Importance of a Job Interview 

As a short-listed candidate, the job interview is the most important aspect in being successfully recruited. Your credentials may look good on paper, but recruiters are on the lookout for individuals that have great soft skills too. 

To survive the competition in 2023, it is important for candidates to nail their interviews. This can give them a fighting chance to win against other candidates.  

Top Job Interview Strategies for Candidates

To maximize advantage in the interview process, it is important for candidates to research the company they have applied to, go through the job description of the role and to memorize their resume from A to Z. 

This is just the starting point in the preparation of a job interview. Here are some strategies you can employ to guarantee success. 

Memorize Your Resume    

Your recruiter is likely to ask questions from the information provided in your resume. This is why you should know the content of your resume like the back of your hand. From gaps in your working experience to your credentials, you must be aware of the smallest of details. 

If you respond to one of the questions incorrectly, you can land yourself in serious trouble. This is why it’s crucial to match the information on your LinkedIn profile with your Resume. This can also let the recruiter know that you’ve come prepared.  

Learn Industry Jargon 

If you want to give a positive impression to the interviewer, make sure to use industry jargon in the interview. This can inform the recruiter of your expertise and can help you stand out from other candidates. It is essential that you learn a few industry-specific keywords to wow the recruiter. 

For example, if you’re applying for a marketing-related job, it would help to learn terms associated with social media management. By staying up-to-date with advancements in marketing software, you can ensure a successful interview session. 

Practice Your Answers  

If it’s your first time appearing for a job interview, Google is your best friend. By searching up interview questions relevant to your industry, you can prepare your answers beforehand. It would be best to talk to someone who has a job position similar to the one you’re applying for. This can improve your chances of winning the job. 

Your network can be extremely useful for this purpose. By putting up a post on LinkedIn or any other platform, you can get information that could help you give a successful interview. 

Mention Technical Skills  

It would help candidates to mention their technical skills during the in-person interview. Although these skills may be mentioned on one’s resume or LinkedIn profile, it is important to mention them during the interview as well. This can reinforce your worth to the hiring manager. 

You may even be presented with an opportunity to demonstrate your technical skills with an assessment. This is why preparation is crucial. If you’re well-equipped with knowledge, you have nothing to fear. Try listening to podcasts related to your industry the day before your interview. 

Ask Questions    

When interviewing for a job, you can always choose to reverse the roles. By asking questions from the interviewer, you can give them the impression that you are interested in becoming a valuable contribution to the company.  

It is important for top talent to know their worth and to use it in the negotiation process of an interview. This is why asking maximum questions is a must. The company culture can be a great topic to discuss with your prospective employer. 

Use Negotiation Skills 

For any candidate, the negotiation process is crucial. It is important for top candidates to market their skills to interviewers the right way. By explaining the value you intend to bring to the company, you can get the recruiter on board with a reasonable salary package. 

The rule of negotiation is to never give up. It would help to research the salary packages in competitor companies and to use that to back up your argument against the recruiter. 

Top Job Interview Tips (Source: Resume Genius)

Top Job Interview Strategies for Recruiters 

The interviewer must not leave any room for error when interviewing a candidate. This is why job interview strategies are just as important for hiring professionals as it is for candidates. Here are some ways recruiters can improve their interview sessions. 

Use Interview Scheduling Software 

First things first, scheduling the interview should be the top priority for a recruiter. With the help of advanced recruitment software, interviews can be scheduled. This type of software also helps with candidate sourcing. By using notifications, both the recruiter and the candidate can be reminded of the interview date. 

An example of such software is Manatal. From interview invitation email templates to date scheduling, this tool does it all. 

Market the Company Culture 

As a hiring manager, you are also tasked with the duty to market the company to the prospective employee. In the interview session, you can mention the values your company associates itself with, the initiatives introduced for employee well-being (if any) and career advancement opportunities. 

This information can persuade a candidate to accept the job offer. You can make use of infographics to show the success rate of your company to the interviewee. 

Ask Open-Ended Questions 

To determine the creative potential of a prospective employee, it is important for interviewers to ask open-ended questions from the candidate. This can present a golden opportunity to the candidate to demonstrate their knowledge. As for the recruiter, it can inform them of the value of a candidate. 

You should be able to give candidates freedom to speak their mind. An innovative employee can transform the company for the better, if given the opportunity.  

Use Written Tests 

To get an idea of the candidate’s ability beforehand, you can make use of written tests during the interview session. For example, if you’re hiring a content marketer, you can assign them a topic to write on. This on-spot test can help recruiters decide whether the candidate is the right fit or not. 

There are software tools that enable recruiters to test the abilities of candidates with the help of assessments. You can use those to your advantage to make recruitment an efficient process.  

Make an Interview Panel 

When it comes to hiring candidates, it is important to have an interview panel in place. The different people that make up a panel contribute to an efficient interview session. This is why it is crucial to assemble the right individuals. 

It is also important to not overcrowd the session. A maximum of three individuals can be involved in the session. This can help in identifying top talent as hiring managers do not possess the knowledge and expertise that those who occupy similar roles would. 

Show Active Interest  

If there’s one thing an interviewee appreciates, it’s a hiring manager showing active interest in the conversation. It is important to not have a dismissive tone when talking to a prospective employee. By directing focus towards the interviewee’s answers, hiring managers can be sure of capturing the interest of candidates.  

The first impression a candidate has of a company’s culture is through their meeting with the HR manager. This is why HR managers must maintain a good demeanor with the candidates. 

Job Interview Strategies: Top Recruitment Tools  

As more advanced recruitment software makes its way into the market, recruiters are met with an opportunity to transform their hiring practices for the better. There are AI-powered tools that can assist hiring managers in making their job interview sessions yield great results. Here are some top recruitment tools we’ve picked out. 


This AI-driven interview scheduling software can work wonders for your HR team. There is a wide range of features that come with this software. Whether you want to inform a candidate about the interview, send a follow-up email or schedule the interview date, this one does everything. 

Manatal is a popular choice for a job interview scheduling tool. It is an efficient tool that can help you make your interview process more efficient. 


All the basic features an interviewer would look for in an interview scheduling software are present in GoHire. The interface of this tool is easy to use, making it ideal for just about everyone. There are also timely reminders sent to candidates via SMS or email. 

This can prevent instances of no-shows. The tracking system can be particularly useful for small companies as it boosts the efficiency of recruitment processes. 


The name of this tool should be enough reason for you to employ it. With Calendly, you can schedule interviews with ease. The best feature of this tool has to be the integrations it offers, from Google to Outlook. This makes Calendly a convenient choice for many. 

With automation, this tool makes it easy for interviewers to handle scheduling and emailing tasks. If you ever have another event scheduled on the day of the planned interview, you can make the relevant changes. 


This tool comes with fabulous features like two-way messaging and reminders. These can help recruiters hire in a more efficient manner. With Sense, the user interface is easy to use and the mobile app can be a convenient option for recruiters. 

By downloading Sense, hiring managers can ensure effective applicant tracking management. This tool can be a great option for those who are new to interview scheduling software. 

Interview Stream 

With the Interview Stream, scheduling interviews has never been easier. For global hiring, this tool can be of great use. It comes with virtual interview features that can make it easier for candidates to appear for interviews with recruiters. 

Interview Stream has been around for a long time. The reason why many recruiters rely on this tool is because it is reliable. There is also the option to access interview questions, which can make the interview preparation part a lot easier for the employer. 


For remote companies, SetMore can save the day. This interview scheduling software enables recruiters to schedule interviews at any given time. It is important to note that this tool is not exclusively for job interviews. It can be great for booking appointments for service providers as well. 

SetMore is an incredible option to explore and one worth the investment. The analytics feature of this tool can save the valuable time of recruiters.   


With TestGorilla, interviewers can get an understanding of a candidate’s knowledge and expertise. This tool offers aptitude testing features that can make the job of a recruiter a lot easier. If there’s one way you can test the knowledge of a candidate, it’s by having them take a test. Whether you’re interviewing a remote candidate or not, this is the ideal option for you. 

TestGorilla has additional features that can assist the job interview sessions like assessment management and proctoring. These can make sessions far more effective. 


As more AI tools hit the market, hiring managers are met with an incredible opportunity to explore these options. Paradox is an amazing interview scheduling software. It comes with a variety of templates and enables integrations with commonly used HR tools. 

To figure out whether Paradox is the right fit for your company, go through the user reviews and ratings. This information can guide you into making an investment.  


With GoodTime, recruiters can ensure successful interview sessions. By reducing errors in scheduling, a greater level of efficiency can be achieved. This makes GoodTime a great choice for many interviews. The customisation options allow for greater control over the interview schedule. 

GoodTime can be of incredible help to recruiters. It helps with compliance related matters as well. This tool comes with limited, but good, features. For startups, GoodTime can be a great option as a recruiting tool. 

In 2023, here are some top job interview trends to look out for. 

Remote Interviews 

As remote companies become more and more common, recruiters are directing their attention towards remote hiring processes. The use of communication tools like Zoom can enable a smooth virtual interview session. To make global hiring more effective, the reliance on advanced tools is increasing by the day.  

The challenges that accompany remote hiring can be overcome with the help of advanced software tools. Whether it’s to monitor a test assessment or to enable two-way communication, there are platforms for just about everything.  

AI Recruitment Tools  

In recruitment practices, AI tools are becoming increasingly popular. From scheduling job interviews to candidate sourcing, these tools can work their magic for recruiters. There is a limited number of reliable AI-powered tools in the market. But, the future looks promising for hiring practices. As 2023 proceeds, it is important for recruiters to use tools that safeguard the privacy of candidates.  

As reform is underway in the regulation of AI software, recruiters must focus their attention towards consent-focused recruitment practices. The methods of gathering and storing private candidate information can come off as intrusive for many people. 

Assessment-Based Interviews 

The credibility of a candidate can be determined by their credentials as well as their performance on assessments. This is why many recruiters are employing software that has assessment features for candidates. For example, TestGorilla. In 2023, recruiters are expected to make use of such software more than ever.  

The candidate may be able to market their skills on their resume but how well they can perform under pressure depends on assessment-based interviews. By customizing the questions, better results can be generated from these sessions.  

Social Recruiting 

In 2023, social recruiting will take front and center in the corporate world. The benefits of hiring candidates from social media platforms are many. This way, top talent can be sourced. Instead of waiting for a resume, interviewers can simply reach out to candidates they consider to be a fit for their company. 

As the digital generation conquers the corporate world, recruiters are left with social recruiting as their best chance for successful hiring. This type of recruiting can yield excellent candidates for hiring managers. 

To shortlist candidates for job interview sessions, recruiters have to gather a lot of information from candidates. This can often come off as intrusive to some individuals. To overcome this, consent-focused hiring is here to switch things up. In 2023, this trend will lead recruitment practices. 

By asking candidates consent for gathering information, recruiters can ensure a transparent system of hiring. There’s a demand from the younger generation for more transparency. This is leading recruiters to actively seek consent from them. If a company wants to hire young top talent, they must transform their hiring practices for the better. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

To accommodate a diverse candidate pool, it is important for interviewers to use diversity inclusion related interview questions. By doing so, interviewers can guarantee successful hires. This consideration is a must in 2023. 

It is important for recruiters to keep up with the times. This is where diversity and inclusion center the picture of job interview strategies. For example, asking for recommendations from candidates on how to improve the company culture. This type of questioning can go a long way for a company. 

Job Interview: What Comes Next?  

After you’ve dealt with the recruiter, you need to focus on what comes next. If you find the recruiter taking too long to get back to you, you can send them a follow-up email. There are plenty of templates available on the internet that you can access free of cost.    

If you don’t hear back from a recruiter, you’ve been ghosted. It’s best to look for opportunities elsewhere instead of waiting for an email that will never come.   

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