Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus new Pre-launch Hands-On review video

Not as good as AirPods Pro!

Samsung planned to usher with the new Galaxy Buds Plus (or Galaxy Buds+) in the official Unpacked event but all the details broke-in in the hands-on video by Roland Quandt who shipped the earbuds earlier before its launch. 

Last week, the leaked specs of Galaxy earbuds swing through a tweet by Evan Blass featuring all the phenomenal slants of unrivaled earplugs. With one time charging user can enjoy the beats for 11 hours. The Buds come with its charging stows that Samsung claims can keep your buds useful for 22 hours.

Increased battery timing is what people were really expecting to have in the new Galaxy earbuds. The smug leaks dyed in the wool when Quandt showed the real-life awe in his video.

Here is the Samsung Galaxy Buds plus pre-launch hands-on review video. The video detailed about battery life, sound quality, and voice quality of Buds Plus.

Sound Quality review

In his hands-on Galaxy Buds Plus video, Quandt avows that the new Galaxy Buds sounds “a bit as if I was talking thru a Walkie Talkie”, “very nasal” and “ambient noise was very much present, much louder than when talking thru the phone itself”. Moreover, he gave the impression that sound testing is still needed though the incoming sound is fine.

According to Quandt, the earbuds fit his ears good enough to neglect the fact that ANC (active noise cancellation) was supposed to be built-in. On top of it, he manifests in the video that he could modify the bass level of the earbuds through the companion app. There is a bass-boosted EQ mode if you feel it low.

Galaxy Buds & Buds Plus specs comparison

According to leakster Evan Blass, the forthcoming Galaxy earbuds will come in two variants as Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus both differentiating as:

Samsung claims that earbuds are not just great for calling but they give an equally amazing music listening expereince. One can easily affix the connection with an instant Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

The 5.6 g earbuds come in the big capsule-shaped 70 x 38.8 x 26.5 mm cradle which is pocket-friendly as can be seen in the video. They come in different color options mainly, black, white, yellow and blue. The earbuds are compatible with every Samsung phone and the other Android phones with 5.0 and iOS 10.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is priced at $149, whereas the lower version, Galaxy Buds, is priced at $129 and people can preorder from Amazon now even though the Buds will be officially launched with the Samsung Galaxy S20 at Unpacked event today. 

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