UPDATED: Tesla Cybertruck bags 200,000 orders

No, it is not on any Black Friday sale.

Cybertruck launched by Tesla received 200k pre-orders so far. Previously, the count was at 146k pre-orders according to stats shared by Elon Musk a day back. Elon Musk today shared the updated number.

Cybertruck is an all-electric battery-powered latest pickup truck revealed by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, in an event at Los Angeles on Nov 21. The truck comes in 3 variants with different motors configurations i.e.

  •  Single-motor rear-wheel-drive
  •  Dual-motor all-wheel-drive
  •  Tri-motor all-wheel-drive.

Elon Musk further shared data that the Dual-motor variant scored the 42% orders. It is followed by 41% Tri-motor and 17% Single-motor orders.

The numbers of pre-orders are impressive as these stats are achieved without any promotion or advertisement in less than half a week. The much-hyped truck received, however, a lot of free press due to the failed ‘glass demo‘ at its launch event. 

Pre-order Cybertruck for just $100

An amount deposit of $100 refundable is required for making an order. But the actual percentage of pre-orders actually turning into complete orders when the production start is not possible to predict at the moment. 

You can also opt to have a Full-Self Driving (FSD) option for $7,000 while ordering. Tesla is aiming to book as many orders of Full-Self Driving as well, an advanced variant of Autopilot which will not require any human assistance in driving. It will benefit the buyers to secure a deal as the price will increase in the future. This deal can also bring early-access of FSD to such Tesla owners. 

Pre-order booking is available on the official Tesla website.

Official truck of Mars

Elon Musk bragged further in a tweet that the ‘blade runner’ like pickup truck will be the official truck of Mars. 

Cybertruck production will begin in late 2021. The production of the Tri-Motor AWD variant is expected to begin in late 2022.

UPDATE: 200k Orders

Today, on Nov 24, Elon Musk tweeted the milestone of 200,000 Cybertrucks in a very minimalistic tweet:

So people of this era just do not want fast horses!

Please share and comment your views on Cybertruck!

Featured image: Tesla

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