The Digital Hayya Card: It Offers More Than Just FIFA!

The latest digital innovation is set to make the FIFA experience hassle-free for local and international fans!

What is the Hayya card? The Qatari government has introduced a digital solution to the problems faced by local and international FIFA fans. The digital card addresses transportation issues and offers essential services to the attendees of the international football tournament. It is also necessary for entry into the state of Qatar. The most exciting thing about it is that international fans only need the Hayya card to travel and avail the services.

Why Do You Need it?

The card provides an all-in-one solution for football fans traveling from other parts of the world. The Hayya card encapsulates multiple visas, stadium tickets and travel tickets. That’s not all. This new digital card doubles as a Visa for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman. Football fans can also experience the rich middle-eastern culture before the World Cup, all thanks to the Hayya card. 

The introduction of technology like this changes the game for international travel. Football fans can tour the host country and neighboring ones before the tournaments. This promotes the tourism industry within the host country and invites international attention. Fans from Qatar are also eligible to apply for the Hayya card and to benefit from the services provided by the state of Qatar. 

Is The Hayya Card Introduced By FIFA And Qatar?

It should be noted that the Hayya card is not affiliated with FIFA in terms of its application and use. It legally operates and is issued under the government of Qatar. As the host country is set to facilitate the much-awaited World Cup, preparations are underway. This card uses digital innovation to help transform the experience of football fans. The Hayya card enables fans to travel free of cost using Qatar’s state-of-the-art public transportation facilities.

What Does The Application Process Entail?

The application process for the Hayya card is similar to the Visa application form, as applicants must provide all the relevant details to get approval. They have to download the form from the official website and apply accordingly. All correspondence related to the application process is dealt with digitally through the Hayya portal. Fans can download the Hayya app on their mobile phones and scroll through it with ease. Football fans will be sent QR codes which they can use for entry to the tournament. The task of navigating through a foreign country has become a lot simpler. So the Hayya app makes the process as convenient as possible through transportation ease. It is worth applauding that the Qatari government is taking its hosting responsibilities dutifully. International travel for football fans has now become a lot easier. The Qatari government has now set the standard for future international sports tournaments. 

How Long Is The Digital ID Valid?

The validity of the transportation services offered by the Hayya card extends till the 23rd of December, 2022. However, the validity of the visa issued by the ID is till the 23rd of January, 2023. The visa acquired, through the Hayya card, of countries other than the host is free of charge, adding to the convenience and ease of travelers.  

While most travelers opt for European destinations, this digital visa allows travelers to explore culturally rich Islamic countries and paves the way for their future plans. The Hayya program benefits football fans, Qatar, and the countries associated with this digital ID. An influx of tourists could potentially help grow the tourism industry of Qatar. Acquiring this ID would open the doors for travel to other destinations, thereby allowing people to tour new places and explore new cultures. It seems like a win-win situation for everyone.

A big cause of concern for many travelers can be the living expenses, which is why there is an alternative to it. The advantage of living with family or friends certainly outweighs the burden of paying a lot of money. If the fans have loved ones living in Qatar, they can seek accommodation with them. The host country devised a well-thought-out plan to facilitate the incoming football fans. Prior information must be submitted to avail the services like Friends and Family accommodation, and once approval is received, travelers can use the service. However, it is a requirement that the host citizen is a Qatar resident. All information is expected to be recorded on the Hayya digital portal. 

How Important Is This ID?

This ID seems like the whole package. It contributes to the traveler’s convenience by gathering all the essential travel documents in one place. Instead of having to collect many different relevant documents, this digital ID simplifies the task.

 It also adds the bonus of traveling to neighboring countries. Simply put, the digital ID issued by the Qatari government aims to solve the queries of travelers while assisting them in the best way possible. For football fans, it enriches the travel experience while also making it convenient and easy for them. 

Hayya Card: The Complete Package?

The importance of the ID rests on the fact that the wide range of features makes the technology unique and acts as a development in international travel. Users can access the ID just by tapping on a button. In the age of digital media, most older and younger generations have the technical expertise to use this technology to avail the services of this card. If not, a physical printable version of the card is also available. This digital technology is undoubtedly the complete package for international football fans as it offers alternatives for those who cannot use the card digitally. It seems only logical to use the technological advancements of the day and use them to our advantage, and the Qatari government is doing just that and more.

We explained the basics, but If there’s still any query regarding the Hayya digital card, football fans can contact us and ask away. Happy traveling!

Featured Image: Wego Travel Blog

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