What, How and Why: Outsourcing Sales and Marketing

Are you interested in outsourcing your marketing and sales operations?

In today’s world when inflation is sky-high, businesses would want to cut costs by outsourcing sales and marketing activities. Outsourcing sales is the process of delegating the entire or part of your sales process to third-parties. Whereas, marketing deals with outsourcing functions such as market research to agencies. 

Importance of Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Operations 

We are living in a post-pandemic world, where remote work is everywhere. This has opened up the world to the possibility of hiring across borders. It may sound impractical or something that’s difficult to achieve, but once you get started things become easy. The importance of outsourcing tasks can no longer be swept under the rug. Companies opt for this technique if they want to cut costs. While slashing expenses, companies can ensure that their quality and degree of expertise remain intact. Once tasks are outsourced, it allows business owners the time to test out new strategies. Along with how existing customers respond to upcoming products. You can scale your business through the power of outsourcing. 

Outsourcing Sales and Marketing- Models 

If you want to outsource your sales and marketing operations, you must have an understanding of the various models that come into play. 

Full-stack Sales Model 

In this type of outsourcing model, the entire sales and marketing process is managed by an agency. This can be anything from lead generation to closing deals. It’s an ideal model for startups, especially those concerned with technology. Small businesses that don’t have enough time and money to hire and manage an in-house team. In such a situation, a  full-stack sales model can do wonders. 

Vertical Model

Essentially, a sales funnel is divided into two parts, one of which is managed in-house and the other one is dealt with externally. Tasks such as lead generation are outsourced; the third-party passes qualified leads onto the internal sales team. 

If you are operating in a saturated industry, you wouldn’t want to waste time looking for leads. Outsourced lead generation is perfect if you have an internal sales team ready to make cold calls. An agency can generate leads throughout the year, helping you skyrocket your operations. 


Businesses have both internal and external teams concurrently functioning to make operations streamlined. They can share the clientele helping them better cater to their individual needs. If you are looking to grow and expand your venture, this model is your saving grace. This model helps create a healthy competition to keep the creativity flowing in your marketing team.

Why Should You Outsource Sales and Marketing? (Source: BizPro Leap)

How Can I Outsource Teams?

In today’s technologically advanced world, it’s very easy to outsource sales and marketing teams. You should rely on resources to help make the internal operations seamless. 

Here are some tools/agencies that you should consider: 


This software makes the outsourcing process seamless; it specifically deals with lead generation and sales intelligence.

You can outsource tasks such as the following: 

  • Tracking sales emails 
  • Gathering sales intelligence data 
  • Qualification of leads
  • Knowing the purchase intent of customers 

This software allows outsourced sales teams to become more productive and efficient. It allows individuals to close more deals, thereby increasing their client acquisition rate. You can score leads through this software. This means that salespeople wouldn’t have to spend their time and energy on mundane tasks, as everything would be automated. Teams can score and prioritize good leads over bad ones. 


Belkins is an outsourcing firm that specializes in lead generation for sales. The company collaborates closely with its clients to produce top-notch clients. It utilizes data, technology, and talented professionals to increase revenue. 

The company’s primary offering is its Appointment Setting service. This helps arrange meetings between clients and prospects who fit their ideal customer profile. Moreover, for companies emphasizing inbound marketing, Belkins offers options to convert incoming leads into sales. With over 790 clients globally, Belkins has gained recognition for delivering exceptional outcomes for businesses of all scales.


Zapier is software for workflow automation that enables salespeople to automate various sales tasks. Salespeople can utilize Zapier to:

  • Establish a comprehensive contact database
  • Nurture leads through webinars and drip campaigns
  • Send personalized emails
  • Develop forms and gather submission information
  • Arrange meetings.


CloudTask is a B2B lead generation firm that focuses on SaaS companies, striving to increase revenue growth via its extensive team of sales development experts. CloudTask’s approach includes managing and hiring its own talented team. This group of individuals handles sales and marketing operations. 

It includes outsourcing duties such as the following:

  • Engaging with new prospects
  • Re-engaging with dormant leads
  • Assisting in managing upsell and renewal campaigns for existing customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing and Sales Activities

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing sales and marketing activities, especially when it comes to cost-saving. The money saved can be redirected towards expanding the company’s operations. 

Reduced Salary Expenses 

When it comes to reducing direct costs, the initial thought is often to cut the salaries of representatives. Nevertheless, the expenditures associated with constructing and operating an in-house team are even more significant.

Sales outsourcing teams reduce these costs by selecting locations with lower wages. It can mean acquiring candidates either domestically or internationally. Another approach to cost reduction is to have one manager oversee multiple sales projects. 

Lastly, due to their sizeable sales teams, sales outsourcing firms can establish a hierarchical structure. It would consist of both junior and senior representatives. This allows them to manage and supervise their work more effectively and efficiently throughout the sales cycle.

Helps Save Time

Individuals either resign or get terminated from their respective companies. This issue can be avoided by outsourcing and obtaining the expertise of experienced individuals, who can impress potential clients.

By doing so, you can eliminate the need for your team to spend time on manual data entry tasks, which wastes their valuable skill set. On average, reps spend about 3 hours each day on tedious administrative work, which is not their forte. Sales Booster can assist in freeing up this wasted time. It allows reps to concentrate more thoughtfully on generating revenue and nurturing leads for your business.

Additionally, you save money by hiring individuals who are already experienced and familiar with your business model, having invested profits in the necessary equipment.

Help Overcome Technology Constraints 

Effective marketing can help you overcome technology limitations, which is particularly valuable for companies seeking to introduce new products or services in today’s competitive social media-driven market.

Outsourcing is an excellent strategy to surmount technological hurdles since outsourcing firms operate globally. Furthermore, it enables your company’s reps to create more persuasive sales messages. It helps develop stronger relationships with potential clients by providing them with valuable insights.

Sales Become Scalable 

Sales outsourcing services can provide an excellent solution for businesses that require a qualified team and seek flexible and scalable solutions.

This is because outsourcing firms are more agile than in-house resources in adapting to new markets and responding quickly to changes.

If your business is having difficulty identifying potential customers, Sales Booster can assist companies of all sizes. By selecting your target market, Sales Booster can save you time and effort by reaching out to the appropriate customers and concentrating on relationship-building.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Sales (Source: SalesPanel)

The Future of Outsourcing

The future of outsourcing sales and marketing team can be defined as follows: 

  • Focus on Specialization: Many sales outsourcing firms have started to specialize in specific industries, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or healthcare, to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of those industries.
  • Data-Driven Sales: Sales outsourcing firms are utilizing data analytics to provide more targeted and effective sales strategies. By analyzing customer data, these firms can better understand customer needs and preferences and develop more personalized sales pitches.
  • Hybrid Sales Teams: Many businesses are opting for a hybrid sales team, which combines in-house sales staff with outsourced sales professionals. This approach allows businesses to access the benefits of both models while minimizing their costs.

How to Pick a Right Team?

If you are looking to outsource your sales and marketing efforts, choosing the right team is essential. Here are some ways to help you make that decision in a steadfast manner: 

  • Define your goals
  • Define the purpose of Your outsourced sales and marketing team
  • Choose a provider that aligns with your short and long term goals

Ask Questions to Your Outsourcing Provider

Finally when you are on the final stages of closing deals. You should ask the provider to give you a detailed overview of the process. Their value proposition should align with your sales outsourcing goals. You wouldn’t want to collaborate with a company that mindlessly contacts all 3 million contacts in their database.

In today’s sales landscape, multichannel outreach, personalization, education, and targeted messaging are essential for success. Moreover, your personal impression of their sales process is equally significant. Did you appreciate their outreach approach? Did their sales process involve educating you? Chances are they will execute your sales process in a similar manner.

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