Call of Duty adds snowball fight, winter themes, and double XP in holiday-only update

Call of Duty team is bringing holiday update to make the Christmas and winter more lively. The publisher Activision has shared some updates in a recent post, which we are going to share below.

Snowfight and Drop Zone modes

The Snowfight mode in ‘Modern Warfare’ let players use only snowballs as a weapon instead of guns. The snowballs work like other throwable items such as knives, which players can pick in holiday-themed Winter Docks map.

Players will start with snowballs only in the first round of a gunfight match. After this, they can use guns as well throughout the rest of the game, according to GameRant.

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For more fun, you can go to the new multiplayer Drop Zone mode. The Drop Zone mode is for a player who plays for the objective instead of kills. Here you have to hold the zone and make the Care Package delivered to your location to earn Killstreaks.

Both new modes are only available from December 24 at 10 AM PT till December 31 at 10 AM PT.

Double XP

As part of the holiday celebrations, ‘Modern Warfare‘ is allowing players to earn Double XP and Double Tiers. Great time to raise the ranks and jump the tiers.  

Double XP only lasts until December 27 at 10 AM PT.

Call of Duty: Mobile

‘Mobile’ has some surprises as well. A prop hunt mode with a holiday theme is added where players can chase presents, available until December 31 on Winter Raid.

A new Battle Royale class: Trickster is available for players now. Trickster is a class that engages the player to confuse their opponent by projecting two holograms of yourself to deceive the enemy on your actual location. Trickster is available until December 29.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Featured image: Activision

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