China’s new effort to combat gaming addiction in youngsters

Official’s claim addiction is damaging the child’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Chinese authorities have introduced new regulations in a bid to combat gaming madness in the country.

Young gamers under the age of 18 will no longer be able to play video games without any restrictions. Under the new regulations introduced, children will be banned from playing more than 90 minutes on weekdays and will be forbidden from playing between 10 pm and 8 am and on weekends and public holidays they can play up to a maximum of 3 hours.

The guidelines for these new limitations imposed by China were issued by general administration for press & publication and will be practiced through gaming platforms operating within the country.

State-run XINHUA news agency reported that these measures were taken to protect children’s mental and physical health.

In accordance with these guidelines, a bar has been set, whereby children are not allowed to defray more than a specific amount of money within games. Child under the age of 16 is only allowed to spend 200 yuan per month and those between16 & 18 years about 400 yuan per month.

China happens to be the second biggest market for video games, but the government in China has repeatedly voiced its concern about the adverse impact of these games on child health. A research in 2015 expressed the same fear by claiming that online video games cause visual impairment, more specifically, myopia.

Last year world health organization recognized gaming addiction as a mental disorder, with an organization stating that gaming addicts do not function as healthy individuals and suffer from mental ailments.

Gaming companies have also been blamed for inducing this addiction. “Epic Games” has been accused of hiring psychologists to make games as addictive as possible and is also facing a lawsuit for the same.

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