Nintendo Switch deliveries are late because of coronavirus

Production in China slows down due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus.

Nintendo breaks the news of the delay in the production and shipment of its Switch consoles to Japan due to the coronavirus epidemic. The company apologized to the current situation and informed that monitorization is being done soon will update.

The Switch consoles are produced in China, mainly by Foxconn, and then shipped to Japan. However, the Chinese factories will remain closed due to the spread of coronavirus. 

Animal Crossing-themed Switch & Ring Fit Adventure

Earlier this year, a new Animal Crossing-themed variant of the Switch was announced after which the preorders were started from last Saturday, 1st of February 2020. The newly designed console was already late as it had to be in the market by 2019 but then Nintendo announced it will be further delayed until March 13. 

Ring Fit Adventure, video game, which is out of the stock at the moment, will also be delayed and it is already hard to find in some countries. Nintendo mentioned that the Joy-Con controllers, which are made in China, their production is greatly affected too.

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The company stated that this will have an impact on the Japanese market only. While the production in the other regions remains unaffected. The spokesperson from Nintendo told Bloomberg that the company is currently sending its majority of the inventory to the US.

“We will continue to work to deliver products as soon as possible while paying close attention to the effects of the new Coronavirus infection, and we look forward to your understanding.” (via Google Translate)

Analysts believe the delays due to coronavirus could become an issue in other markets too including the US. In China, the shortage of Nintendo Switch is being experienced and the company is not sure how bad it is going to affect its financials. Well, Serkan Toto, CEO of the Kantan Games, while talking to CNBC, summarises this issue saying “the effect on the company (Nintendo) will depend on how long this delay lasts.”

The company witnessed the same issue earlier in 2017 when the supply of Switch consoles became short as the demand increased and the production was not ready but still people waited and bought it later. The market critic says that this time too, people will wait for the issue to end and then will buy the consoles later.

Featured image: Nintendo

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