PlayStation sales decline as Sony gears up for PS5

Sony Q3 financial report is out.

PS4 sales are declining year by year as the next-generation PlayStation console is on the horizon. This year (2020), we will get to see many new tech devices, including PS5, as old-tech is one of the reasons why the sales are going down gradually for PS4.

As the tech war heats up, the game of current devices cools down, and so makes their sales. As per Sony’s financial report, a decline can be seen in the hardware sales of their PS4 in the fiscal year¬†2018-19¬†as well as in the recent¬†quarterly¬†financial report released on Feb 04, 2020. Perhaps it’s not surprising as Sony is powering up its game by introducing a new console this year.¬†

It’s been six years that PS4 has ruled over the gaming industry, and still by March 2020, Sony expects to sell 110 million and more units. But Sony has warned the investors about the 2020 downfall as it is planning to get back with a major hit for the gamers. Though Sony has a lot more balls in its basket through which the company is making out of the enormous numbers in revenue, however, PlayStation now has been a steady revenue-generating department for years. 

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Sony has yet to come up with the bang, but the details of the all-new PS5 have thrilled the gamers. The company has revealed the PS5 details such as its compatibility, graphics, and storage. Sony’s lead system architect Mark Cerny has said that the new generation’s console is already in the development process and it is rapidly accelerating. This news has worried the gamers as they have ample time to acclimate the PS5 capabilities. The next-generation console will be powered by a third-generation AMD Ryzen processor boasting 8 cores 7nm Zen 2 architecture. The new console will be supporting ray tracing and a resolution up to 8k and also leverage a custom Radeon Navi graphics variant. Through a tweet, Cerny justified how dramatic the audio experience would be for the gamers as several horsepower hardware will be applied to it. 

Despite the fact that every console has a life and so PS4 has come to an end of its, it is still not surprising for Sony. The company already had earned a lot of money through sales and subscriptions. On the other hand,¬†Microsoft¬†introduced a next-generation console, which will be more powerful and advanced compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One. The new¬†Xbox Series X¬†will have similar AMD internal specs (Zen 2 and Navi technology) as PS5, and both will be available in the market by Holidays 2020. Microsoft and Sony have made solid-state drives their default storage option in next-gen Xbox and PlayStation respectively.

PS5 price would be appealing, but people are guessing it at $499. With this and many other new-gen consoles, the new year seems to be more exciting for gamers.

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