Microsoft Reveals New Edge Browser Logo that Does not Include “e”

The software giant - Microsoft, revealed the new logo for its edge browser. Finally, we get to see something different from the traditional edge logo.

Edge browser was explicitly released for Windows 10 on April 29, 2015. Afterward, it was released for both operating systems Android and iOS in 2017. Finally, it was made available for macOS in 2019.

The Edge team has posted the number of clues related to the logo design on MicrosoftEdge subreddit (, and the curious fans collaborated a lot to come up with this refreshing icon. The logo has many similarities with the company’s revamped icons.

The new logo is capturing more attention of masses because of the entirely new feel and look. At first sight, people cannot relate it to the traditional logos forming “e.” However, once observed keenly, it brings multiple things in mind. 

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It is designed for the chromium-based browser, and it seems a little bit like the Google Chrome logo too. The logo does not have a complete circle, but its round edge approach clicks Google in mind. The lower side of the logo in the narrow and upper side of the sea green color is bent inside. It forms an “e” but in a unique way, that is not obvious at first sight. 

The logo contains a blue color, just like an Internet explorer. Maybe the company always go for it because this color is a sign of stability and reliability as per psychology. 3D design – curves make it feel like a wave that represents the motion, according to designers. Perhaps the reason behind this is to represent the good speed of the browser. However, as far as the color scheme is concerned, the addition of a sea-green color makes the logo more smooth. 

This modern logo has made it easy for us to distinguish between older, classic, and the new Edge browser versions. Microsoft revealed the beta version of the modern browser a month ago – in August. However, the logo will go live when Microsoft launches a new edge browser.

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