Motorola made users nostalgic with foldable Android RAZR

The Lenovo-owned company Motorola is going to release a new foldable RAZR Android smartphone in January 2020. Remember Hello, Moto!?

Motorola aims to keep its ionic flip phone RAZR alive by integrating the popular Android OS and flexible display in it. This project went into inception five years ago.

The company started as early as in 2015 with a diverse team, which includes engineers and designers. The goal was to think about the most critical part of the phone, the flexible display technology.

The company took a different take on foldable displays from its competitors. Recently, we have seen Samsung and Huawei turning a modern-sized phone into a smaller tablet. However, Motorola aims to make RAZR more pocketable by turning a conventional-sized smartphone into a much smaller one.

The phone has been redesigned by replacing the T9 pad and small screen with the latest operating system Android Pie and a 6.2-inch foldable plastic OLED panel. The bezel at the bottom contains a fingerprint sensor button.

Foldable Display

The phone has two displays, a quick view 2.7-inch glass-covered OLED display on the outside, and the primary 6.2-inch display that folds in half along the horizontal axis in the inside. The inner display has a resolution of 2142 x 876. Outer display purpose is to provide better user experience by getting a glimpse of notifications, giving music controls, and even a selfie camera mode for selfie freaks to take advantage of the primary camera. 

Moreover, the company aims to let apps seamlessly transition from the quick view display to the main one. Motorola is working with Google in this regard.

Users are concerned about the durability of the smartphone after Samsung Galaxy Fold issues. However, the company is 100% confident about it. Company executives have told Bloomberg they are convinced that their design will not have durability issues that delayed Samsung Galaxy Fold launch.

“It will last for the average lifespan of a smartphone. We are not going to go out there and say, consumers, should be cautious about how they use the phone.”

Motorola used multiple hinges and sliding plates for the enjoyable folding and unfolding experience. The first thing that comes to mind is getting tactile scratches. Right? No worries, the company has got it covered through the proprietary coating to make the panel “scuff resistant,” and internal nano-coating for splash resistance. 

Processor, camera, other specs

However, the company is lagging in processor and camera. It is disheartening to know users will get Snapdragon 710 instead of the top of line 855! Additionally, the primary camera is only 16 MP, which was a standard in Android phones a couple of years back. Motorola has compromised the specs for design.

Undoubtedly it will be the cheapest among already existing foldable smartphones. However, the company is charging way more for these specifications. It is charging more than flagships offered by two big fishes Apple and Samsung.  

We are excited to see the response from users. Do you think the price is justifiable for the new RAZR? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

Price of Motorola RAZR 2020

We are placing it in exorbitantly expensive smartphones because it will cost us around $1,499! Let’s dive deep into its specifications to analyze is it worth buying the Motorola’s flagship or not?

Featured Image: Motorola

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