Samsung Galaxy S11 may be named as Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy 2020!

The Samsung Galaxy S11 launch is a short distance away. The next-generation flagship Galaxy S series expected to be released in February 2020. Leakster Ice Universe teased out the significant change of upcoming Galaxy S11 in a Tweet on 24 December, ‘Samsung S20’, and within the next five hours, he followed the thread as, ‘Next year is 2020, and 20 is a new beginning’.

It seems to be a fabulous hint. The Galaxy S11, which we are waiting for launch, will be announced to be as Galaxy S20, and this is one huge rumor. Either it will appear as the paramount progression which leaps up to ten generations or a new plan of action by the Samsung, maybe a foldable phone or notch-less, to hit for 2020. 

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Samsung already has advancements in technology in every current generation of flagship S series. In the current S10, Samsung has got a start with the variant of handsets to include 5G i.e., S10 5G, Note 10 5G, A90 5G that support 5Gs faster data speed. 

Now, this time it is probably planning to be more trending by twining its new version with the coming year, so next, we never know if it’s going to be S20, S21, S22 or S30, S40 instead of S11, S12, S13, and it sounds cool, or not, let the time decide that.

Still, it is for sure that the Korean giant smartphone manufacturer has planned for entering in 2020 with a considerable market penetration that will grant them a big boost and make them a foreman. 

Samsung S20, S11 and Number Wars

The change in nomenclature is might be due to a new cold war of numbers between Apple and Samsung which we did not notice. The later is skipping numbers and trying to slash the number game because Apple may launch iPhone 12 this year, and S11 would sound like an old phone? Apple also skipped iPhone 9 to launch iPhone 8 and iPhone X together after iPhone 7 so maybe Samsung want to do this to be cooler? Do share your views in comments.

Featured image: Josh Edelson/Getty

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