Samsung launches Android 10 beta for S10 lineup

Android 10 beta is available now for S10E, S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G devices.

Samsung has launched Android 10 beta with new exciting features for S10E, S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G devices. It is earlier-than-usual because last year, the company did not reveal Android 9 beta for its premium devices until mid of November.

Well, Samsung announced this new update includes:

  • Redesigned smaller notifications 
  • Enhanced Dark Mode
  • Enhanced Focus Mode

Let’s discuss these updates one by one.

Redesigned smaller notifications

This update enables users to focus on the task at hand. Big caller notifications and volume bars are minimized. Now users will not miss any essential information because of large pop-ups.

Caller notifications are minimized.

Enhanced Dark Mode

Have you found it annoying to not being able to see time and notifications? Because text colors merge with the background and make it difficult to read the text. Big thanks to dark mode for providing a visually comfortable experience. It adjusts the brightness of images, texts, and colors on display automatically. Additionally, the battery life is also prolonged.

Dark Mode expands to the home screen.

Enhanced Focus Mode

This update will keep the users focused by keeping digital wellness in check. Like Android Pie beta, it tracks usage, managing screen time, or enabling focus mode to minimize distractions. However, the front-end is improved with an intuitive device care menu, and the feature of deleting unnecessary files, removing duplicate photos is also added. 

The company has not explicitly announced that in which countries the update is available. However, as per reports, the update is rolling in Samsung’s home-town, South Korea, Germany, and the US. This update is expected to be launched in other countries shortly.

Last year, Samsung launched the Android Pie beta update for the 9S lineup and the premium devices that are launched the year before that. However, this year, Android 10 beta is only available for S10 Line up.

Focus Mode lets you pause apps temporarily.

What are your views about the Android 10 beta update? Let us know in the comment section below.

Images: Samsung

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