Samsung gives a first glance of Galaxy Z Flip phone during the Oscars

Samsung finally spilled the beans at the Oscars night when it played an ad revealing its brand new foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, during the event. Samsung will unveil the complete details of Z Flip and its top of the line Galaxy S20 at ‘Unpacked’ on February 11

The rumors were in the air, now confirmed, that Samsung is going to launch a new foldable smartphone soon in its flagship event. However, before the Unpacked, Samsung has stunned the world with a twister uncovering the phone in a commercial ad during the 92nd Academy Awarding night on February 9. 

The ad could be seen only in the awards event, and the company has not even released it onto its social media or website yet. Somehow Nilay Patel, the editor in chief of The Verge, captured the live moments from the event and posted it on his Twiter. 

Not a lot about specs or features is shown in the ad about the phone, but it pictured Samsung’s dawn of the new era in 28 seconds. 

The content of the ad reveals that the new foldable phone can prop up into a half-open position to do hands-free video calls. It further explains that the phone UI will be adaptive to two states: full flat position and half-open position.

The commercial aired in between the Oscars show that the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be available in two colors i.e., purple and black. 

As stated by The Verge, small print in the ad informed that users might notice a small crease in the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen. The visible crease still depicts the embryonic technology-state for foldable smartphone screens. 

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As previously publicized, the new clamshell designed phone will have a beautiful high-quality foldable Dynamic AMOLED display, which turns to show the small screen (probably an inch) on the outside when folded. 

One can see the notifications and incoming call sliders to accept and reject the call on the small screen. This will help people to see what the phone is bringing to them without unfolding. 

The foldable phone will have a 12MP dual-lens camera and a 10MP front camera. 

The ad content does not give the low-down to its pricing (rumors: $1,500) and availability information but, in the end, prompts to reveal the details of its launch at Samsung’s Unpacked event 2020. 

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