Workplace Violence And Security Tech

The need for security tech to combat workplace violence is essential now!

We live in a world where workplace violence and security tech must go hand in hand. There are no two ways about it. Gone are the days when workplace violence was handled manually. Needless to say, companies are based on a hierarchy, and that is how biases are formed. These biases can lead to workplace violence within a business. Let’s face it. The stigma of workplace violence does not help a company in any way. 

Moreover, it takes double the effort to steer clear of it. It is important to understand that workplace violence does not only mean emotional or verbal violence. It can manifest itself in deep-rooted ways, like the structure of a company not being promising. This leads to some employees getting more opportunities than others. So, security tech must be used in order to combat this situation. 

Before we understand the need for workplace violence and security tech, let’s see what both the terms mean. 

What Is Workplace Violence? 

Many people look at workplace violence as a physical threat. But that is a difficult thing to decode. Employees entering a new workplace come with an element of nervousness, which is justified. But sometimes, it is tough to separate feeling nervous around a senior employee from feeling intimidated. Intimidating someone to the extent that they feel uncomfortable definitely falls under the category of workplace violence. Any sort of violence can be legally pursued and compensated for. 

Usually, workplace violence amounts to any sort of threat or fear that can be a byproduct of ill treatment, verbal abuse, or intimidation. Simply put, it is up to the employee whether they feel uncomfortable around their colleagues or a senior employee. Yes, it takes a lot of time to understand and come to terms with it. However, we live in an age where one should not entertain a single moment of discomfort and report it to HR. It becomes part of a record. Plus, there is an entire procedure that goes into solving the issue. 

What Is Security Tech?

Like any other form of technology, security tech brings structure and clarity to a workplace. People cannot rely on manually handling sensitive situations that include workplace violence. There needs to be a comprehensive procedure that satisfies the employee reporting the incident. It reflects negatively on a company if it fails to meet the expectations of the harassed employee. Moreover, such an image in the marketplace can be tough to reverse. 

In this way, security experts can help draft policies that align with the company’s vision. Also, it shows various ways to bring in transparency in the workplace. There can be numerous incidents of violence. Many of them can be left unaddressed if handled manually. Employees can use security software to raise their concerns. That instantly becomes part of the company’s records. 

Moreover, security tech helps highlight company specific vulnerabilities. And it provides an array of solutions to alter the likelihood of risk. So, all companies, small or large, should definitely invest in security tech to gain customer and employee trust. 

Let’s move ahead and understand the need for security tech in workplaces. 

Why Is There A Need For Security Tech In Workplaces? 

Security tech should be a part of every company’s practices to ensure that all matters are handled in a transparent way. Security tech is not only needed to protect any assets that the company owns. The purpose of this technology is to also be beneficial for the people working in the business. It does not matter whether a company is small or large. The way they carry out processes and claim complete protection for their employees also sends a message that is loud and clear. 

Including a comprehensive policy for security tech does not only look good on paper. It goes beyond enhancing a company’s value in the marketplace. Audiences and employees are informed of their rights more than ever. They research the company they are planning to be a part of before taking the plunge. A potential employee would not shy away from declining an offer from a company that does not have a solid policy that protects its employees. 

Also, existing employees would never hold a company in high regard if it did not take their concerns seriously. It all comes down to how a company should be perceived. And that is why security tech is of the utmost importance. 

Depending on the role, every employee should undergo different levels of training (Source: Kisi)

Benefits of Security Tech For Workplace Violence 

Here are some benefits of security tech that assist in cases of workplace violence. 

Record Keeping

The main purpose of an employee reporting an incident of workplace violence is so that it becomes part of a cohesive record. The entire point of mustering up the courage and building up a case is to make that incident a part of company records so that it can be reflected on. 

Security tech becomes extremely important for record keeping because it follows a proper procedure. Employees can raise their concerns without worrying about not getting any response. It is mandatory for a company to respond promptly to such a sensitive issue. It is the employee’s right to take matters into their own hands if a company fails to deliver. Moreover, the employee deemed the culprit will also fall prey to the power of record-keeping. That case can be used as solid proof of their having to either pay compensation or never work in a specific sector based on their actions. 

Employee Safety 

It is evident that candidates only sign up to work for a company that ensures their complete protection and safety. Gone are the days when employees timidly handled all sorts of bashing and bullying. The workplace culture has had to change because of the criticism that surrounds it. Senior employees or colleagues giving fresh talent a hard time is not progressive anymore. Also, the present generation of the workforce has their own viewpoints and opinions. Plus, they feel extremely strongly about them. 

It would not take a second for a new employee to report an action that they may feel is inappropriate. It is definitely not their loss if they have to expose their workplace on social media, either. That is why companies must consider the value of image building and invest in security tech for employee safety. Having security tech software for communication will instill a level of trust in employees. It will make it easier for them to believe that the company regards their safety too. 

Enhances Company Image 

It may come as a surprise, but security tech has immense potential to enhance a company’s image and value. Basically, including any such practice shows what a certain company stands for. An excellent benefit of a company that uses security tech to monitor practices is that it separates itself from a competitor that does not. Audiences and employees then start viewing companies in two different categories. The mere fact that a company has security technology means that it is inclusive and pays attention to employee well being. The company that does not will be seen as backward and careless. This is one direct benefit that comes with including security tech in the workplace. 

Using security tech can also be implemented as a marketing tactic to attract investment and new candidates for a company. Announcing that your company has joined forces with security tech would make it more visible. Candidates would always prefer a company that cares for employee safety. Needless to say, security is one of the deciding factors for anyone considering joining a company. Building a campaign around security tech can assist in ranking higher in the marketplace. However, it will always be a confirmed way of working with skilled candidates, too. 

Will Workplace Violence Stop Because Of Security Tech? 

Security tech cannot control behaviors, but it can definitely become a force that limits them. 

Of course, technology comes with its own drawbacks, but it makes everything crystal clear. The main agenda for a company to have security tech is to bring in a sense of accountability for people. Any issue that is submitted through the use of security tech becomes super important. However, it reflects on the company and the specific employee it is used against. So, people will become vigilant about what amounts to workplace violence. In this way, security tech will help limit the likelihood of such occurrences. 

Featured Image: Kisi

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