Epic Games latest arguments on antitrust issues with Apple

Epic Games, the company behind the widely played game Fortnite, uses another court filing to get back at Apple. Epic continues to maintain its focus on antitrust laws and claims that Apple’s practices are anti-competitive. 

Apple acquired Dark Sky weather app, set to remove from Play Store by July 1

Dark Sky, a popular hyperlocal weather app and data collection service, has joined Apple to reach far more people with far more impact than ever thought. Dark Sky is one of the most accurate information sources of...

Microsoft Defender antivirus software is coming to iOS and Android

Microsoft announces its plans to bring Defender antivirus software to Android and iOS. The antivirus is expected to be available for both platforms later this year. In the cybersecurity world, malware-ridden apps and various...

‘Universal Purchases’ is available now for app developers by Apple

The all-new developer tool Xcode 11.4 by Apple has allowed developers to sell their apps on all platforms by selling it on anyone. It begins with Universal Purchases, which enables customers to use the app across the...

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