How To Add Music To Instagram Stories

Are you tired of making the same type of stories? Then try using Instagram’s music tool.

Instagram Stories allows us to harness our creative prowess and produce content that engages and entertains the audience. Music tools let you make stories more fun by easily adding a soundtrack from the library or from iPod, Spotify, SoundCloud, Shazam, and Apple Music.

Instagram added a music feature to its stories back on June 28, 2018. It enabled users to present their stories with a musical anecdote, promoting creativity and self-expression. 

Instagrammers can browse thousands of different songs and pick the ones they think express their stories the best. Instagram also allows users to add gifs, stickers, questions and even polls. 

How To Add Music To Your Stories

So, without further ado, here’s our guide on how you can add music to your stories:

  1. Go ahead and open the Instagram app from your iOS or Android device
  1. Press your story icon from the stories reel, or swipe up from the app’s camera 
  1. Pick your picture that’s bound for the gram
  1. Click on the square smiley face icon from the top right corner 
  1. Select the music button
  1. Type the song you think fits best, or browse through different genres, and select one
  1. Drag the slider from the small bar below your screen and include a snippet of the song in your story; the snippet can range from 5 to 15 seconds
  1. Hit “DONE” and adjust the song icon on your story
  1. And POST!

You can further adjust the Instagram music’ sticker orientation by twisting it with two fingers or changing its size by pinching or expanding your fingers. Instagram also allows you to customize how the icon can appear on your story. Whether you want it to display as song lyrics, album art or plain text that announces the song’s name. You just need to tap on the music icon to access these options. 

Tap on the letter icon directly above the music player, and it will display the lyrics you’ve chosen from the snippet. You can further customize the fonts and the size of the songs. 

If you want to use the music feature but don’t want to showcase the sticker, simply drag the music icon out of the screen. It will result in the icon not displaying, but the song will continue to be played. 

How to Add Music From Other Platforms

You can also share songs from Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud into your Instagram stories. You just have to click on the ellipses on top of the song or album and click on share. From there, just click on “Instagram” or “Instagram Stories” and it will directly open the app with the song icon in the center. 

Why Instagram Music Won’t Work?

We often hear users complain that they can’t access Instagram music, but do not fret, we’ve found the possible culprits behind this:

  • You’re Using a Previous Version of the App. Sometimes uninstalling and installing Instagram brings the music back into your story tools. Check if your application is upto date as there are regular bug updates and performance issues.
  • The Feature is Not Available in Your Region. There are only 60 countries that are authorized to use and hear the music tool in Instagram stories. Countries like the United States, New Zealand, France, Australia, Great Britain and Italy fall in this category. Try using a VPN to access this feature if your country isn’t on the list, as it changes your phone’s IP address.

Thoughts on Instagram Music

Instagram music is a great way to elevate your content from the rest and express yourself, in a more musical way. Creators should make the most of this tool to create engaging and captivating content. They can assign a song as a depiction of their mood for each story, the possibilities are endless. 

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