Instagram vs Snapchat – The People’s Choice

Which social media platform comes out on top in this fierce battle? Keep reading to find out who is the winner in Instagram vs Snapchat .

Social media applications have made it easier than ever for people to stay connected with their loved ones. Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular and widely-used applications. The competition between Instagram vs Snapchat has gained immense audience attention. Both these apps regularly launch updates to make the user experience more seamless. Additionally, both are available to download on iOS and Android, making it a level playing field for our users to decide. 

Without further ado, I warmly welcome our social media fighters for the evening. 

Round 1: The Timeline Guru

Instagram: Instagram allows you to follow individuals with just a tap on the screen. It also recommends influencers that you might be interested in following. These recommendations are based on your likes and interactions on the platform. Your experience is enhanced as you see the content that’s likely to interest you.

With notifications enabled, you can see when your favorite influencer makes a post. As you shower them with likes and comments, Instagram is likely to recommend similar content in the future. This helps you discover similar influencers, bloggers and other content creators.

Image: SocialMediaToday

Snapchat: If we compare Instagram vs Snapchat, Snapchat’s timeline is unique in its own way, as it segregates the content into two parts. One part is for friends and the other is for influencers. You can not just view your friends’ latest stories, but also discover stories from celebrities and influencers around the globe.

Additionally, through Snapchat’s ‘Timeline Mode’, you can create short clips separately and then combine them into a single funny video to send to friends.

Image: TestingCatalog

Round 2: The Filter Game

Instagram: Instagram provides users a long list of filters to enhance and modify their posts as well as stories. The platform offers static as well as video filters, which help your boredom fade away. You can choose the filters available at your disposal through the search icon. 

Additionally, Instagram’s story mode allows you to see the filters that your friends use in their story. By tapping on the upper left corner of their stories, you can get the filter for yourself as well. 

You can also create custom AR filters on Instagram, so the possibilities for you to tinker and play around with the filters are endless.

Image: Tech Idea

Snapchat: Long before they became a thing on Instagram, filters were available on Snapchat for users to add an element of coolness to their photos. Whenever Snapchat comes out with an update, it tries to make its filters more fun and creative. One of the finest accomplishments of Snapchat was to introduce the dog filter. This filter was able to keep elders and the younger generation coming back for more. Snapchat prides itself on creating pretty filters that boost the audience’s self-image.

You can access Snapchat’s entire filter library through the ‘Explore Lenses’ option. To access that option, go to the main camera screen and touch on it once. You’ll see a list of filters appear below. Keep swiping left till you come to the Explore Lenses option. There, you can manually search for any filter and also browse through categories like ‘Face’, ‘World’ and ‘Trending’.

Image: Raghib Ali

Round 3: The Content Creation Mechanisms

Instagram: There are two primary ways to upload content on Instagram; you can either upload a photo or video to your profile, or add a story. 

Posts are permanent in nature unless users decide to remove or archive them. On the other hand, you can also create a story – similar to Snapchat – that lasts for 24 hours and can be accessed through the stories column at the top of Instagram’s home feed.

Furthermore, you can create reels on Instagram – these are short, entertaining videos that help you express your creativity to your followers and, if you have a public account, the Instagram community in general.

If you’re interested in long-from videos, you can also use Instagram TV, or IGTV, to create videos that can span a length of 10 minutes.

Snapchat: Snapchat has laid down its specialization in the area of stories that last no more than 24 hours. As a pioneer in this format, the app offers users to start streaks with their friends and family members. Starting a streak with your friend is as simple as ABC. Taking a picture from the Snapchat camera and then sending them to your friends for at least 3 consecutive days can create a streak. 

A streak works as a reward system. It allows you to earn Snapchat reward points which causes a sense of achievement. It also promotes increased user activity within the app.

Additional Feature – Instagram 

It has become a tradition during gatherings to use Boomerang to film videos. This high-quality Instagram feature is unmatched; it allows users to make backward and forward video content. It enables you to film cooler and free-spirited videos with your friends and family with a single tap.

Additional Feature – Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to view the location of your friends through the Snap Map.. One surprising aspect of this feature is that it allows you to view stories from all over the world. While sitting at home, you can watch stories from Bali, Vegas or even Alaska. This feature makes you feel like a part of something greater than yourself. However, keep in mind that if your friend has activated the ghost mode, this feature won’t work on them.

Image: APK Pure

The Referee’s Decision

We have outlined the different aspects of Instagram vs Snapchat and what makes them so appealing. Both applications are continuously upgrading their offerings to enhance the experience of their users. 

At the end of the day, which platform you prefer comes down to your personal preference. If you prioritize consuming never-ending content from your favorite influencers and getting your content across to wider audiences, then Instagram is the better option for you. 

But if you like to focus on straightforward interactions with your loved ones and choose from an extensive list of filters to enhance your photos and clips, then you should go with Snapchat.

Suffice to say, the bout between Instagram vs Snapchat ends in a draw! 

Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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