Snapchat Time Machine AI makes you look younger or older

Snapchat has introduced a new filter showing your age evolution dubbed as Time Machine filter.

Snapchat has introduced an attention-getting filter named “Time Machine” which allows users to witness their changed appearance by just gliding the screen.

People want to know how they will look after two decades. The future and past always have been the subject of curiosity of humankind. From H.G. Wells’s novel The Time Machine to Russia based phone application FaceApp, people seamlessly obsessed with this age-moving idea.

Now Snapchat has provided a filter to its users, which transforms their faces from young to old and vice versa. The filter features a slider which is designed to allow user; how much older or younger you want to be!

By dragging extreme left, it makes you like an infant baby. Similarly, for absolute right, it will make your appearance as a grey-bearded senior citizen (old man and the sea is still relevant, though!). 

Time Machine is one of the popular AI-powered lenses backed with well-trained machine learning models of thousands of photos to understand aging. In other words, under the hood, this filter uses advanced training models and artificial neural network technology, which can change not only your face but also your hairstyle and colors.

Snapchat officials said that every day, Snapchatters see over a dozen Lenses to choose from in the main Lens carousel. These Lenses may vary from Snapchatter to Snapchatter based on that person’s Lens preferences and usage patterns. 

Most Lenses available today in the main Lens carousel are designed by Snap’s in-house team of designers; thousands of additional Lenses created by the community using Lens Studio are also available in Lens Explorer.

Time Machine filter is available on both the iOS and Android Snapchat apps.


Previously, FaceApp faced backlash while users were not allowed to delete their photos, the photos were saved on the AWS S3 cloud server storage of the company. This causes to raise objections as this data could be shared by Russian developers to their government. However, Snapchat allows its users to delete their photos anytime.

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