Author: Sheharyar Ahmad

Sheharyar currently resides at the bustling intersection of technology and everyday life. He believes that having Art in the right hand and learning Science through left, this blend will lead you toward the actual decency of the universe.

iPod Click Wheel is coming back in an iPhone app

A designer-developer student at Cooper Union College in New York, Elvin Hu is working on an iPhone app that will recreate the old-school loved-by-all...

Patreon bans YouTuber Onision due to doxxing charges

Patreon has banned YouTuber Onision after allegedly doxxing fellow YouTuber Billie Dawn Webb on Twitter. Gregory ‘Onision’ Jackson profile has been removed...

Huawei all set to reveal its MatePad Pro

Huawei executive director and CEO of business group Richard Yu shared on the Chinese social microblogging network Weibo that they would be unveiling new...