Google said bye to an employee and put two on leave amid policy violations

Google didn't identify the details of the staffer who has been fired, nor those who put on leaves.

Google has dismissed an employee from the job on leaking staffer details with the media and sent two employees on leaves on the charges of violating company policies.

Reports are that terminated employee has leaked names and personal information of other employees to external media reporters. Google didn’t reveal the details of the staffer who has been fired, nor those who put on leaves, as reported by Bloomberg.  

One of the employees who has placed on leave by the authority was believed to have accessed need-to-know documents, while the other employee had been allegedly navigating staff calendars. 

This news causes quite a stir among the rest of the employees in the company. Google, a company, characterized by its attitude of openness and friendliness to its employees, has been the subject of in-office hostility for the last several months. 

There is a possibility that these riots have been originated since the implementation of new community guidelines. These guidelines were reportedly aimed to restrict employee’s communication, group activities, and to suppress dissenting voices.

According to another employee working there that they were told one of the staffers on leave is being penalized for obtaining company documents that were of fundamental importance. The particular documents contain details of a tool, which was installed on employee’s browsers to keep track of their internal activism. This tool will automatically report staffers who create a calendar event with more than ten rooms or 100 participants.

The Google spokeswoman told Bloomberg that none of the employees has put on leave for accessing or breaching a document; instead, they were placed on leave for reportedly searching and sharing a wide range of company documents that were not part of their job. The investigations are undergoing. 

According to other news, a few months ago, in a memo to employees, senior vice president of global affairs and Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker, said,

“a violation of our policies to improperly access, copy, or share confidential or need-to-know information, whether or not it is explicitly marked.” Walker added that the company had “fired people who violated our data policies.” 

From the last year or so, a rift has grown between Google’s management and its employees. Employees have reservations over their leadership’s handling of sexual harassment complaints. They had also recorded a protest on Google’s contract with the US military.

Featured image: CNBC

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