Top 5 tech news of the week

Protests, Facebook posts, YouTube ban, Apple..!

Here are the top five tech news by popularity of last week.

Singapore tells Facebook to correct anti-government post on 29 Nov

An online news publishing website State Time Review shared a post on their Facebook page mentioning about an arrest of a whistleblower by the Singapore government who exposed election rigging. Singapore administration rejected the claim and ordered the activist to correct the story. Australia-based journalist denied to act accordingly to their constitution, thereby Singapore aksed Facebook to publish a correction notice.  

Google fires four employees, including Rebecca Rivers on 26 Nov

In the recent wake of violating Google’s data security policy’, the administration has fired its four employees, including Rebecca Rivers. These employees were believed to be searching and accessing data outside the scope of their jobs. The decision of dismissal was made after the protest of Google’s dissenting employees held at San Francisco. The company has sent a memo to employees covering the details of the employee’s dismissal.

TikTok suspends teen’s account for criticizing China on 27 Nov

China-based video content sharing platform TikTok has suspended a teenager Feroza Aziz’ s account due to her viral videos, in which she criticized China’s behavior against the Uighur Muslim community. 

Afterward, TikTok publicly apologised for suspending her account. According to TikTok, they suspended due to a video posted by Feroza featuring terrorist Osama Bin Laden, not due to China’s censorship.

Patreon bans Controversial YouTuber on doxxing charges on 27 Nov

Notorious YouTuber Onision is now banned from the crowdfunding website Patreon. The ban occurred after he published his fellow YouTuber’s private information without consent. Onision posted the screenshots which contain the personal contact number of Billie Dawn Webb. A petition was also filed on social welfare forum to remove Onision’s and her wife’s account from Patreon.

Jony Ive left Apple on 28 Nov

Apple’s head of designing team, Sir Jony Ive, has left the company. Apple is determined to register itself as the first client of Ive’s new design company, “LoveFrom.” Jony Ive has been one of the most lovable office holders of the company among the Apple community. He designed many iconic and successful products of Apple, including the iPhone, iMac, and iPod.

Featured image: CNBC

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