Ioniq 5 SUV confirmed by Hyundai Austria

Expected launch: mid-2021.

Hyundai’s Austrian site reveals details about its all-new line extension, the electric car which is Ioniq 5. As per the confirmed details, Ioniq is going to be Hyundai’s new sub-brand, introduced with a vision to cater to the upcoming electric vehicles of Hyundai, with Ioniq 5 being the top of the line variant. Hyundai’s consumer website disclosed a few specifications a bit too soon. The reservation queue opened up with 150 slots by Hyundai Austria on December 22, and the potential customers made almost half the reservations right away! 

The peculiar compact hatchback’s design is expected to be similar to the Hyundai 45 vehicle’s concept, which Hyundai revealed back in 2019 and some of the details officially launched on Hyundai website but the details are yet to be uncovered in early 2021. This Korean make is amongst the first group of vehicles that are being manufactured on Hyundai’s new E-GMP EV platform.  The original post has been deleted, but the Korean Car blog managed a few screenshots and revealed the specifications on Monday.

“Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future products.” – Spokesperson at Hyundai Motor American

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Specifications

This electric vehicle is assumed to be amongst the best-equipped ones and has a dual motor layout design, one is in the front and the other is on the rear axle. This specific arrangement makes the Ioniq 5 an All-Wheel Drive.

The dual-motor feature allows this first edition car to deliver a maximum output of 306 horsepower and will have a zero-to-60 mph in 5.2 seconds. This aspect ensures maximum grip as the vehicle accelerates and also in slippery conditions.

Also, it is claimed that the Korean EV will have a battery capacity of 58.0 kWh and a further extension to 72.6 Kwh battery capacity will be available; the online chat assistant states the latter. The batteries are created to be charged easily using 350Kw fast chargers and will spike the car’s range from zero to 80% that too in just 18 minutes due to its exemplary architecture and 800-volt technology. In other words, you can plug it for five mins and get an extra 60 miles of range.

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With the Ioniq 5 being a bespoke design, it is not just a variation in the existing models as Hyundai Kona Electric but an utterly new produce. The exterior design will have a simple front bumper with slim headlights installed and no fake grille. The car is to be equipped with a solar panel roof, which will keep the battery topped up.

Having a minimalist design and a pared-back interior Ioniq 5 is slightly longer, 4640mm, than the Volkswagen ID.4, which is 4584 mm. Moreover, it is 1890mm wide and 1600mm tall and will have a wheelbase of 3,000 mm.

hyundai ioniq 5
Image: Hyundai Austria

Hyundai Ioniq 5 to hit the market in 2021

The Korean make will be released in mid-2021, but as per the previous showcase trends, it will be available in the home country, Korea, first and then will come to the US market. Thus its availability around the world will be a sheer reflection of it being seen on the Korean roads.

The confirmed snapshots also revealed that Hyundai set up a pre-order page for the reservations. The elaborated details on the reservations page depicted that pre-orders will be converted into orders in February before the launch in June or July in Austria.

Having expected to reveal the complete vehicle in mid-2021, the Austrian Hyundai site clears out any possible misconceptions by stating, “All information without guarantee; the data can change before the start of production.”

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