Netherlands will give money to citizens for buying new electric vehicles

Netherlands government has announced to give its citizens a sum of up to €4000 (about $4400) to buy an electric vehicle. The Dutch news organization RTL says that every citizen who buys an electric car after July 1, 2020, will get €4000 for in case of a new car while the one who buys the used electric car will get €2000 (about $2211).

For the new electric car, the subsidy is valid only on vehicles up to €45,000 ($49,744). Electric vehicles in this price range are continuously increasing, and it is expected that more and more affordable electric vehicles will arrive in the market in the coming years. The government wants to get the drivers rid out of the gasoline usage that is not safe for a greener environment. 

The government has stated some rules for using these subsidiaries to purchase electric cars. The cars should be bought from the specified dealers only. These standards have been stated to get prevention from fraud. 

For this scheme, the government is also providing additional non-financial incentives for the ones who are willing to buy these EV vehicles. Yet the work is pending on how to give software updates and EV battery Health guarantees. The number of charging stations throughout the country will expand considerably as well. Tax benefits will be introduced as well.

The full details of the scheme are still to be announced, and it is expected to come forward soon in the coming weeks. The purchase subsidy will attract new buyers to opt for electric cars. This subsidy policy will phase out in steps by 2025.

UK will ban petrol and diesel car sales forward to 2035

Netherlands has become the first country to offer such financial incentives to its citizens to get them relief from gasoline cars as they cost them a lot. The UK government has decided to bring forward a ban from 2040 to 2035 on selling new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars. The ban shows the government wants to encourage the public to opt for an electric vehicle to achieve zero-carbon emission by 2050.

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