Accessing Your Disliked YouTube Videos

Curiosity certainly kills the cat. We can easily access our liked videos on YouTube, but what about videos that we gave the thumbs down? Let's unravel this secret.

Videos are a YouTube channel’s bread and butter. By accessing their most disliked content, it becomes easier to improve the overall quality of videos. In this article, we will discuss the process of how to find the most disliked videos on a YouTube channel. It’s not difficult, albeit beginners might need to get used to following a few steps. Let’s say you are a content creator who has uploaded a new video on their channel and everything seems fine. The comments are encouraging and interactions are commendable. But then, your worst nightmare comes to life, someone dislikes your whole hearted effort in creating content. This can be rather discouraging but worry not as we will help you solve these mystery dislikers. 

Can You See Who Disliked Your Video?

In short, no you cannot see the exact person who went ahead and pressed the dislike button on your video. They will forever elude you by remaining anonymous as per YouTube guidelines. But there are some insights that can be attained. YouTube studio allows you to see the region, age, gender and other important metrics about people watching the videos. Ofcourse, it’s difficult to narrow down all these points but overall, it proves to be helpful when looking to grow your channel. 

What you need to remember is that removing subscribers will not affect your like and dislike ratio. They can still comment and interact with the video, through likes and dislikes. 

How To See Who Disliked Your YouTube Video?

By following these easy steps, you can find the culprit who disliked your video:

  • Sign in to YouTube by going to the official website and entering your login details. Here you will find an account image on the top, click it and access the resulting drop-down menu. From there, select YouTube Studio. 
  • Once that is done, it’s time to see your YouTube analytics. See the left top panel of your account page and click the analytics option. Next, you have to select the See More option. This will take you to a new screen that will display all the data available on your channel. 
  • The next step is very critical. Find the metrics option and visit the interaction tab. There you will find the option of Dislikes. Hit the button and now you will be able to see all the dislikes on every video. You can also see your liked videos, this becomes a good option to compare. But take note that Creator Studio will not show users names. You can still see their gender, world region and age.

Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

While we are talking about how to find your dislikes on YouTube channels, the article would seem incomplete without talking about history. It’s a fact that nowadays people consume billions of hours of content every day on the video based platform. In the case of these unfortunate clips, they received a ton of backlash from the viewers. But one theme will be found common throughout; some of YouTube’s most popular videos also seem to attract the most hate.

Baby” By Justin Bieber Feat. Ludacris

The estimated dislike count for one of the most famous songs of all time is around 14.15 million. Before YouTube hid the dislike button, the video had around 12.476 million dislikes since its release in February 2010. The early 2010s was a time when Justin Bieber burst onto the scene and the video received immense love initially. But soon, it became a trend to hate on the Canadian born artist. 

YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record By YouTube

After the unfateful release of YouTube rewind in 2018, the platform sought a redemption next year. Unfortunately, the attempt at getting viewers to warm up to the concept of YouTube rewind did not work. The video had 9.62 million dislikes. That is a massive indication of how many people rebuked at the idea of this particular trend. The dislike ratio for 2019 YouTube rewind was almost 73%. 

Wheels on the Bus” By Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes 

An ever popular nursery rhyme, wheels on the bus was remade by the YouTube channel, Cocomelon. Unfortunately, the remastered version of this iconic poem did not receive the same love as the original. With over 9.43 million dislikes, it’s one of the most disliked YouTube videos of all time. The dislike ratio stretched to around 40%. What’s interesting is that this was a music video for children. The amount of thumbs down on the content simply did not make sense. 

It’s Everyday Bro” By Jake Paul featuring Team 10 

Regular viewers of the Paul brothers would remember this very awkward feud between two of YouTube’s biggest content creators. Jake Paul, the younger sibling released a diss track on his elder brother. The video has gained 293 million views till now. But it was ridiculed for the campy content and dramatic feud. The audience deemed it reeked of attention seeking antics. With over 5.54 million dislikes, the video’s like-to-dislike ratio is a whopping 63.56%. A big stain on Jake Paul’s rising career. 

Friday” By Rebecca Black

Hold your horses, no YouTube disliked video list is complete without the legendary inclusion of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. The song has its own legacy in the meme culture and as you can guess, its dislike ratio was bulging upon release. The song has an estimated 4.29 million dislikes, amounting for 74% of the ratio. It was released in 2011, and has since garnered a cult following mainly relying on meme culture and viewers joining in on making fun of the one hit wonder singer. 

Why Should YouTube Dislikes Matter?

So,the question you must be asking here is that do dislikes matter on YouTube? A quick answer is yes. Dislikes always matter on YouTube, and for several reasons. But they do not have a direct negative effect on views. Although keep in mind that dislikes do have a negative impact on your channel when it comes to the ever mysterious algorithm, it is still an indirect negative effect.

YouTube on a whole places an immense significance on interaction and engagement, and dislikes heavily fall under that umbrella. While it may seem like a hope against hope kinda thing, dislikes can be deemed as a positive thing by the YouTube algorithm, granted there are no other factors in play. 

There you have it, we hope that this article has solved your dilemma of how to access and check the dislikes on your YouTube channel as a content creator. Feel free to reach out and comment in case of any query, we will be happy to answer!

Featured Image: MacRumors

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