The Pandora Box Of YouTube Gaming

Lets dive deeper into the concept of Youtube Gaming

For those who are unaware, YouTube Gaming is Google’s answer to Twitch. The aim is simple, to provide viewers with an adequate platform where they can consume endless hours of live stream or on-demand video. With the service available on various platforms, let’s dive into everything you need to know about YouTube’s attempt to conquer the gaming sphere.

How To Access YouTube Gaming

PC users can simply stream to YouTube Gaming by using broadcasting applications like Open Broadcaster Software or XSplit. Google has gone one step further and enabled this feature for Android devices. Open the YouTube Gaming App on your smartphone and click the Go Live option. Now, you will be able to broadcast a plethora of Android-compatible games. Additional features include a webcam feed taken from the phone’s selfie camera. 

You can also stream directly to YouTube Gaming from your Playstation 5, as long as the latest updates are installed. However, the same method does not apply to Xbox models. The alternate solution is to stream your Xbox console to YouTube using PC, Xbox Console Companion and a Screen Recorder 4.

Source: Essentially Sports

YouTube Gaming VS Twitch

Most gamers are accustomed to Twitch as the norm for live streaming. But, YouTube Gaming presents an equally competitive base and offers streamers more advertising growth for their respective channels.

Source: Medium

Design And Experience

Twitch has a simple UI, with all options and browsing features on the left side of the screen. This allows the stream to take center stage, and the functions related to the stream are just beneath the screen. The chat feature can be seen holding its own on the right side of the screen. While YTG also has a commendable UI, its interface takes up more space. The screen is congested because the main goal is to promote the streamer’s main channel on the video-based platform.

Resolution and Visuals

On the other hand, YTG is better in terms of handling video quality. The platform offers YouTube-based resolutions, i.e. (480p, 1080p), so it’s easier to offer a consistent viewing experience. Twitch cannot keep up in this aspect, with vague video quality options like “Medium,” “Mobile,” and “Source”. All three can vary in quality depending on the settings chosen by the streamer.

Revenue and Earnings

Twitch supports a viable advertising partner system. While the revenue from advertisements can vary, it’s on-par with YouTube in most cases. The streaming service offers a growing platform for users as they enjoy donations from their subscribers. One monthly subscription pays around $2.50 to Twitch and the streamer. Sponsorship deals help the streamer make more money in this regard. YTG is part of the YouTube domain, a huge advantage as the entry barrier is very low compared to Twitch. While gamers on YouTube also get donations, they are often less than that of its main competitor.

An average user on Twitch donates $4-$5 per month. While some people do not donate at all, others give out hundreds of dollars to their favorite streamers regularly. YouTube Gaming is more favorable for smaller channels and people with low followings as of now. The overall revenue of YTG is lower but it can change as the platform grows, the potential is there.

Best Games To Play On YouTube

The focal point of YouTube Gaming is to play genres you are passionate about, rather than just following others to gain subscribers and make money. The video based platform offers more than enough titles to please every kind of gamer. May it be horror fanatics or RPG lovers, or gamers who are obsessed with FPS or Minecraft. The more you enjoy gaming and commenting on walkthroughs, the better chances to build a loyal following while streaming.

In terms of viewings and streams, these are the best games to play on YTG:

  • Minecraft was one of the first games to gain exposure on YouTube. With an overall viewership of around 53 billion views on the app, it has given rise to content creators like Pewdepie and Ninja. The game is available on platforms like PC, iOS and Android.
  • Fortnite has swooned an entire generation of kids. No wonder it’s one of the most sought-after titles in the YouTube Gaming world. If you love playing Fortnite, the opportunity to start a gaming channel has never looked better. You can stream the game through PlayStation, Xbox, Android, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS and iOS.
  • Roblox is one of the unique gaming platforms to exist in recent times. Users are afforded the chance to design their own games and share them with other community players. It has garnered a massive fanbase on YouTube and continues to be the pioneer for unique content for YTG.

The Future Of YouTube Gaming

While YTG needs to amend some of its design elements and offer streamers better revenue packages, its pull cannot be ignored. YouTube is the best platform to achieve sustainability in aspects like loyal following and a healthy audience demographic for content. The future looks very bright for young people who love gaming and want to turn it into a profession. YouTube Gaming will rival Twitch constantly while offering consistent growth for the streamer’s main channel. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

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