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If you are looking to expand your portfolio, then you need to read the top cryptocurrency books to make an informed decision.

Before we jump straight into what cryptocurrency books to read to take our investment game up a notch, let’s get the basics right. Because knowledge is power for any important technical analysis. You will find an overview of the best books to gain a couple of tricks before the next pump. You definitely do not want to miss out on investing in BTC and ETH (not a financial advice).  

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of online payment in exchange for goods or services. It is one form of digital currency which is not pegged to the price of gold. The power is within the hands of the people. This is what makes it stand out from other forms of digital currencies. 

Cryptocurrency is always evolving, which makes it a volatile asset. However, many companies are experimenting to build a decentralized community that tracks attention from investors. They issue their own currencies, known as tokens that can be traded. 

Why should you invest in cryptocurrencies?

There are many reasons to invest in cryptocurrency, with countries using it as their main form of transaction. Many investors, big or small, are making investments before the crypto market becomes untouchable. 

Crypto Analysts predict they are going to be more valuable in the future as virtual currency replaces central banks. Supporters believe it is more secure than traditional payment systems. This is because of the decentralized process and record system used in transactions. However, there is still a long way to go. According to the greater fool theory of investment, profitability grows with time.

Benefits of Reading Cryptocurrency Books

  • Insight on the history of cryptocurrencies.
  • Understanding of how different types of cryptocurrency assets work best.
  • Learning about tokens and how their costs change?
  • Different phases of the crypto market
  • Difference between mining, staking, investing, etc. 

So, if you want to add to your knowledge with cryptocurrency books on how to grow your wealth without much hassle. Then, you’re at the right place. You can learn about trading, the theory of money, and much more in our list of books. 

1. The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopulos

The book gives us insight into why Bitcoin is going to make a technological breakthrough. The evolution will break the ceiling of being labeled just a digital currency. Andreas explains the historical, social and philosophical reasons for an economic transformation of decentralized technology. Moreover, he coins the term “internet of money” for Bitcoin, as the internet has transformed lives in ways never imaginable.

Image: Goodreads

2. Cryptoassets by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar

The authors use a financial approach to analyze blockchain throughout the book. Many key technological concepts are written to enlighten the reader about which investments are better than others. It has a different perspective that gives it an edge, as majority of cryptocurrency books are written by programmers or Bitcoin enthusiasts. But Burniske and Tatar being investors explain the important differences between crypto assets and trending blockchain technology. Moreover, they share their insights on crypto tokens and commodities as investors. It helps better understand which token is worth investing in or not.

Image: Goodreads

3. Mastering Ethereum by Andreas M. Antonopulos

Andreas writes beautifully about his crypto knowledge in another must-have cryptocurrency book about Ethereum. Ethereum is the top token after Bitcoin that is predicted to hit $10,000 by 2022. It is different from other blockchains, so he provides a practical guide on how to proceed. The use of real-world examples helps in understanding best practices for a secure transaction, mining, and how to control funds. The book is easy to read for any beginner.  

Image: Medium

4. The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey

The endless debate over cyber-enigma has caught on like wildfire. The Wall Street journalists give their take on the cryptocurrency market. This cryptocurrency book shows the positives of the 2008 crash. Even the investors were devastated. It was necessary for the market to be where it is right now. The tragic event created a new global economy that shows a lot of promise. A system where there is no middleman. Moreover, the two authors navigate a cyber economy better. 

Image: Amazon

5. Cryptocurrency – A Trader’s Handbook; A Complete Guide on How to Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins by Marvin Neuefeind

The cryptocurrency book highlights the divide that exists between believers and naysayers for crypto after December 2017. Some call it a hoax while others are firm believers of technological advancements. It removes all confusion about blockchains with an in-depth understanding of the crypto market. Moreover, many are still not fully convinced and aware of the potential. It begins with the basics of the market and the practical implications. 

Image: Goodreads

Final Thoughts

Hope our list of the best cryptocurrency books were helpful! These will give you a glimpse into the crypto market. You can polish your skills with first-hand knowledge of traders, investors, journalists, and crypto gurus. After you have read these books, it will transform your financial perspective. So, don’t miss out on great insight on new technology and exciting blockchain trends that will revolutionize the crypto market!

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