Disney and Amazon have a deal now to make Disney+ available on Fire TV devices

Disney+ will be available on Amazon Fire TV devices from 12th November 2019

Amazon Inc has reached a deal with Walt Disney Co. to stream Disney+ streaming-video service on Fire TV devices in a bid to boost revenues and tighten their grip on the video streaming market.

The two companies were at odds with each other in the last month due to a disagreement over the terms and conditions of the deal. Amazon demanded the right to sell a higher percentage of ad space on Disney apps; however, Disney has not yet made a formal announcement on whether or not it has agreed to the previous terms of the deal.

According to multiple sources, Disney+ will be available on Amazon Fire TV devices from 12th November 2019. Disney+ app will also synchronize with Amazon’s Universal search features allowing consumers to request shows through Alexa (Amazon’s virtual assistant). Amazon Fire users can use voice commands like “Alexa, open Disney Plus” into their Alexa Voice Remote, Fire TV Cube with built-in Alexa, or Echo. Disney+, which will include franchises such as “Simpsons”, “Frozen” and “Star Wars” has been no less of a treasure trove.

Last month Disney+ agreed with Verizon. Under the agreement, Verizon’s wireless customers with unlimited data plans will have free-of-charge access to Disney+ services for a year. Disney and Verizon would mutually bear the cost of providing these services to their carrier subscribers. Disney will also be developing content for streaming platform HULU, which is also owned by Disney.

Fire TV initially allowed several media companies access to its platform without even demanding to share the generated advertisement revenues. Still, lately, Amazon has made an important shift in its policy and is often quoted as asking a share of at least 40% of ad inventory.

Featured image: Disney

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