See you soon, Mars! NASA aims to land by 2035

NASA is aiming to land their astronauts on Mars landing as soon as by the year 2035.

The American politician and administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Jim Bridenstine has announced that astronauts could land on Mars by 2035, at the annual International Astronautical Conference (IAC).

IAC conference held on Monday, 20th October 2019. Chiefs of several international space agencies participated in it, including Jim Bridenstine. In the end, the question was raised that “When do we get to Mars?”

Mr. Bredistine first answered humorously, “Tuesday,” then he answered this crucial question gravely as it is a long-term goal of the Trump administration too.

“Provided everyone can get their governments to actually back them and provide the support needed — it’s possible that astronauts could land on Mars by as early as 2035.” 

He further said, “If we accelerate the Moon landing, we’re accelerating the Mars landing — that’s what we’re doing.” He also mentioned the progress of the Artemis program. Mr. Jim said that they aim to send the first American man and woman to the Moon by 2024. 

“The goal is to land on the Moon within five years and be sustainable by 2028.” The NASA administrator also clarified what he meant by “sustainable.” It means to create an economic world like earth on the Moon too.

…to land on the Moon within five years and be sustainable by 2028

Based on undeniable facts, an independent report by SpaceNews concluded that the “2033 human Mars mission” is not feasible. Still, the goal could be achieved by the late ’30s. However, on this STPI report’s Mr. Bredistine comments were, it is possible if the moon landing to return by 2024, talking about Artemis.

It is mesmerizing to see this era of technological advancements. Along with corporating Artificial intelligence in our daily lives, we human beings are also aiming to establish a sustainable presence on the Moon and landing on Mars within 9 and 16 years respectively. 

The real question is, would the US be able to get astronauts to Mars by 2035? Are you excited about life on Moon and Mars?

Featured image: NASA

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