PUBG Corporation unveils Global Championship 2019 details

Starting with a Group Stage, this championship will conclude after the Grand Finals at the Oakland Arena.

After naming seven Guinness World Records and achieving worldwide acclaim, now the PUBG corporation has decided to announce the Global PUBG Championship too.  

Began as Bluehole Ginno Games, Inc. in 2009, and later renamed to PUBG Corporation in 2017, is a publisher and developer of the 2017 blockbuster game, PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND (PUBG), on multiple platforms. Since its release, it has proved to be a groundbreaking addition in gaming history.

According to the details revealed by PUBG corporation, the tournament will begin its Group Stage battles on November 8 and go on until November 10.

While the Semi-finals will take place from November 15 to November 17 at the OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach, California. Subsequently, the Grand Finals will be held on November 23 and November 24 respectively in Oakland, California. The victor of these final battles will be awarded the whopping amount of $2 million.

This championship will bring together the best PUBG ESports leagues across the globe including:

  • PUBG Korea League (PKL)
  • North American National PUBG League (NPL)
  • PUBG Europe League (PEL)
  • Chinese PUBG Champions League (PCL), and others.

These 32 teams will participate in Group Stage and the bottom eight teams will be eliminated. Similarly, the remaining 24 teams will contest the Semi-Finals Stage, out of which eight will be eliminated again. At the Grand Finals, the 16 teams will battle for two days at Oakland Arena to seize the title of Global PUBG champion 2019.

Besides this battle, the other players around the world can also become part of the championship by purchasing exclusive in-game items including PGC 2019 clothing set, PGC 2019 Combat set, and PGC 2019 M416 weapon skin.

After the total items sale, 25% of the total net proceedings will be added to the prize pool of $2 million. 

Players can also purchase PGC 2019 bundle which includes all 11 PGC items. After every PGC item purchase, the player will be given an opportunity to predict or guess the winning team. In case the prediction comes true, the exclusive PGC gifts will be presented to the player.    

Featured image: PUBG

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