Sony surprises with Vision-S electric concept car at CES 2020

Packed with sensors!

Sony has revealed Vision-S, an electric concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas. The surprised prototype car is designed to prove the company’s interest in the power of creativity and technology. Following “getting closer to people”, Sony announced the new concept car at the end of the press event at CES. He gave hardly two minutes to discuss it and left the audience in high curiosity. 

“Creativity is a powerful driving force that moves Sony forward. When it is combined with our technology, it is unstoppable,” said Sony’s Corporation President & CEO Kenichiro Yoshida as he revealed the surprise.

Moreover, Sony highlights in a press release that they are contributing to safe, reliable, and comfortable mobility experience through Sony’s Imaging and Sensing Technologies. Detecting 360 degrees around the vehicle contribute to high safety measures and give a wide berth from risk. 

Sony Vision-S features

The all-wheel-drive feature-rich Vision-S car prototype is four seated with individual seat speakers. The dashboard is lined with an ultra-wide panoramic screen for driving information as well as entertainment.

Overall the EV prototype includes 33 robust sensors inside and outside to assist in driving with the feature of always-on connectivity. The inside sensors detect and recognize car incumbents to support car safety, and the outside sensors allow the driver to analyze about the surroundings and road. 

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Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors measure an accurate distance to a target. Sensor Fusion Technology creates the best view, even in challenging situations like fog, backlight and night-time driving. The time-of-flight (ToF) detects inside travelers and intuitively recognizes their gestures to improves safety and comfort accordingly. 

Sony is not alone in its manufacturing; the company has a partnership with Magna, and some of the pieces have come from Blackberry and Bosch. The prototype car at CES 2020 has a length of 192.7 inches, height of 57.1 inches, and width of 74.8 inches. 

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There is no assurance from Sony to play their part in the mass production of EV nearby, Vision-S is a concept car. As a result of showcasing Vision-S at Sony’s platform, it seems that the company’s 2020 plan is ready to participate with their transforming technologies and accessories to other major electric car manufacturers.

Here is the Vision-S prototype vehicle movie:

Images: Sony

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