Video Games and Weed: Better Love Story Than Twilight

Blaze the night away with your favorite drugs and the best selection of trippy video games

Nowadays, most articles on the internet follow the same old ritual of recommending cliche games like SkyRim, GTA V. Most creative these sites get is to go for a game like Kingdom Hearts. With all due respect, these games are best played sober. This article is for the curious audience out there, people that relish in exploring the unknown while being high off their socks.

Best Games to Play When High

Here are our hand picked best games to play when high!

Yumme Nikki

Starting off this crazy list, we have the cult PC classic Yumme Nikki. The game is styled like a retro 16-bit JRPG from the days of the Super Nintendo. There is no real goal in the game; being essentially a story-driven plot about exploring the world of dreams.

I would not recommend it for kids or for anyone to play directly before bedtime, often noted for its disturbing dark and atmospheric setting. But stoners would definitely enjoy the game’s setting and style. Yume Nikki has certain twists and turns and exciting storytelling devices that keep people hooked. And the best part, this game is completely free.

Source: Rocky Bytes

REZ Infinite

REZ holds a special place in the hearts of veteran gamers, a title that is famed for its immersive gameplay and trippy visuals. The beautiful psychedelic environments and the main players’ barely formed avatars make it the peak experience for regular druggies. 

In its essence, the game should be played in VR. As you move and shoot through the vibrant surroundings, it gives off that classic feel of oldskool electronica vibes laid down by masters of the genre such as Coldcut. For people who play games with mind-bending visuals and an off beat soundtrack, REZ Infinite is the game for you.

Source: Cloudflare

Kentucky Route Zero

A surrealist masterpiece. If there were any title designed to play for stoners, Kentucky Route Zero would be at the top, always. PC users can hold their heads high as the game originally debuted on their platform. The game in itself is a magical tour de force of dreamy visions. 

The plot follows in the traces of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Neil Gaiman. Legendary references to Kafka and 100 years of Solitude are among the many reasons to get high playing this trippy game. Forget about captivation; KRZ is the perfect marriage between cannabis and non-sequitur humor. For those yet to experience this art, be prepared to dive into a world dipped in perception, entropy and the birth of new ideals. Seven years, five parts, a series of interludes that mesh to form a beautiful and haunting heartbreak, is the crux of Kentucky Route Zero. 

Source: Cloudflare


Philosophy. The intimate connection between thoughts and distorted reality. This title is not a feint: In this audacious game, you can literally be Everything. The brainchild of David O’Reilly, a digital creator best known for his mind-blowing work as the creator of Mountain. It sketched a lonely life of a single mountain, lost in space. Whatever Mountain surmounted, from its eccentric nature to questionable existence, Everything takes it to the next level, seemingly to the heavens. 

The game begins at a predetermined, generated point. You can be a moose on an ice continent or an organism in a laboratory. Players can spend the entire game as their birthing object and melt into the surroundings, becoming an ear for fellow creatures and objects. What better way to spend a night consuming the devil’s lettuce. Or, you can construct your personal cosmic life, shaping into the object of your trippy desires. The catalog is universal, from atoms to one-dimensional plasma beings, to bears, or even a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

Source: Gaming CDN

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has seemingly worked himself to death, ironically and arguably creating the most hypnotic experience of all time. The audacity of the game itself is something that intrigues even the most fast-paced gamers. While it can get repetitive, the cinematography, visuals and chilling plot always keep one on edge. Smoking away on cannabis for a weekend full of frames perfectly accentuated to the emotion of each character making for a great escape. The sci-fi narrative boasts a loop of strange scenes depicting a supernatural anomaly with humanity on its last breath. You will feel a special connection with Sam, aka Norman Reedus, from the opening moments. The brooding performance leaves players feeling empathetic, and connected to the main narrative. A fitting title for all stoners, it’s one to drown in, stranding or not.

Source: Redd


Closing our list is the epitome of mindfucks when we talk about video games. Superliminal is bound to be your all-time high-stoned video game experience. It takes the traditional first-person adventure and tugs players for a wild spin. The game is designed to mess with the players on screen perspective, meaning players can resize objects with forced perspective. It’s the main mechanic of Superliminal, as well as the feature that makes it downright fascinating. Yes, it’s a simple concept, but we dare you to say the same after a few puffs. Don’t be surprised to lose yourself in the game and suddenly remember that you can control objects with forced perspective. Happens to the best of us.

Source: Geek To Geek Media

Stay High and Play Games!

While the list can go on for ages, we have picked out titles that you will not find on mainstream media. The right choice of video games can make a night full of weed, similar to a punk rock concert. If you have any queries, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reach out!

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