Want to Play Games on Instagram?

You can now play games on Instagram with your friends. Here’s how!

Instagram is a fun-filled platform that allows you to go beyond just scrolling through your timeline. If you’re thinking about ways to reignite with your distant family or even a high school crush, Instagram games are just what you need. 

Games? Instagram? What?

Lately, Instagram games have seen an upsurge as individuals are constantly scrolling through their feeds. Due to increased lockdown restrictions, people isolated in their homes have now increased their social media usage. Instagram games allow people from all across the world to connect and engage with one another. You can now simply turn on the camera mode on Instagram and start playing

Instagram allows you to play games by simply swiping to the right of your timeline. It will redirect you into the camera mode from where you can explore different filters. Then you can swipe towards the end of the available filters, where you can see a magnifying glass. Tap on the icon, which would take you to an explore section for a plethora of different filters. 

You can then simply type games in the search bar which will open interactive activities to play with your friends. Turn on your phone or tablet’s front-facing camera and press the big white tap button on the screen. This indicates that the game has begun and you can interact with the screen accordingly. Some games would require you to stay still while you may have to move your head around for others.

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What Games Can I Play on Instagram?

When nothing available online makes any sense, without scrolling any further you can now play games on Instagram. I have compiled a list that can help you get started, so without any further ado, I present the following:

Guess the Gibberish: The dynamics of this game are very simple, making it a popular choice amongst individuals. You will be given a set of random words that don’t make any kind of sense. But when spoken out aloud multiple times would eventually make sense. However, the catch is that you will have to guess the word before the clock runs out. You can then send the video to your friends, which would help trigger their creative neurons. 

Finish the Lyrics: This game is meant to bring out your creative side as you sing along to your favorite songs. You no longer have to book a karaoke night at the club; just swipe right and let the jingles take over. I recommend clearing your vocal cords and getting ready to compete with your friends. 

Truth and Dare: This is an all-time favorite game that dares people to tell the truth. The filter automatically generates questions that either ask you to tell the truth or accomplish a dare. This game is not for the faint of heart; you may swipe up if you truly dare. 

Face Invaders: This game would surely allow you to be reminiscent of the good old days. But instead of controlling the invading jets, now you are part of the game. You can laser beam the incoming UFOs with your eyes that are trying to take over your planet. This filter is phenomenal when it comes to engaging with the user. I should warn you that it’s a highly addictive game, so prepare your eyes for the ultimate battle. 

Are Instagram Games Here to Stay?

You can enjoy the above mentioned games exclusively on Instagram. When you’re bored at home or even at a family dinner, whip out your phone and start playing. Your family members will give you weird looks as you try to accomplish a dare or speak gibberish. No matter what they might think, at least someone’s making the most out of a boring dinner. The ease of use and accessibility makes games on Instagram a viable option for individuals with varying demographics. 

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