JBL announces new Quantum gaming headsets at CES 2020

JBL introduces seven gaming headsets.

JBL by Harman has announced its entry into the gaming industry by introducing a range of gaming headphones at CES 2020. The headset’s range, named Quantum, by the first impression looks professional and feature-rich for a truly immersed competitive gaming expereince.

The new line comprises of JBL Quantum 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, and 800, and top of the line Quantum One. From affordable to the professional level, the range includes options for both casual and competitive gamers. 

Entry Models

The entry models, i.e. JBL Quantum 100 ($39) and Quantum 200 ($59) has wired 3.5mm jack connectivity with no sophisticated tech in it. 

Mid-range JBL Quantum headsets

The up game begins from JBL Quantum 300 to Quantum 800 headsets. These four headphones include QuantumSurround technology powered by QuantumEngine PC software.

The QuantumSurround exclusive 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound technology would provide gamers a unique spatial experience. It adds dimensions in virtual worlds with the help of height channels that replicate a wider, realistic spatial soundstage and cinematic game immersion, which is — what JBL called something next-gen.

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JBL Quantum 300 ($79) and Quantum 400 ($99) are wired headsets. They come with ordinary PU leather-wrapped memory foam ear cushions.

However, JBL Quantum 600 ($199) and Quantum 800 ($249) comes with 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity. These two got pure leather coverings, and the later has active noise cancellation technology.

Quantum One

Quantum One ($299) takes the expereince to the ultimate level with QuantumSphere 360 technology. The flagship model’s proprietary QuantumSphere technology is better than QuantumSurround as it integrates 360-degree sound algorithms and head tracking.

With the head tracking sensors, as you move your head some degrees towards left, you can hear the sound on your left side more prominently. This is what some analysts dubbed as “VR of audio.” Before JBL, Sony also introduced 360-degree reality audio in October. HyperX Cloud Orbit S headphones also provide a similar experience. 

Quantum One operates wirelessly but needs wired connectivity via USB to turn on QuantumSurround and head tracking.

All of these seven headsets come with QuantumSound Signature speakers that provide pinpoint accuracy for true competitive advantage, and flip-up or detachable echo-canceling boom mics. The Quantum headsets will work with PC, Mac, mobile, VR, and consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. One of the largest and prestigious audio maker entry is a message that yes games are no more limited to ‘MIDI’ sounds.

JBL also announced the Quantum DUO. A speaker set with QuantumSurround and Dolby Digital technology for users who want to experience the JBL Quantum sound without headphones. 

The company has reported that it has sold one million headphones. The expectations of a new gaming headset lineup from such a big brand are quite high. The JBL Quantum range will be available from April 2020.

Images: JBL

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