Top 5 Doorbell Cameras 2020 [Editors Choice]

Best video doorbell cameras of the year.

Ensuring safety has become a necessity in the modern world; one way of doing this is to make sure who is at your doorstep before opening it. This is where doorbell cameras come in. They help you answer the door from anywhere and serve as your first defense line against suspicious activities. 

The device uses WiFi to stream live video and offers other features like cloud video storage, motion detection, sirens, and interoperability with smart locks and smart home devices.

Let’s now have a look at the trending Doorbell cams to use in 2020.

Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell

The all-new Ring video doorbell by Amazon is undisputedly one of the best options for your security system. We consider this as our number one choice because it covers maximum features at a minimum price. 

Not only does it offer 1080p video streaming services, but it gives you the option to choose to use it as a wired or wireless device. With infrared night vision, motion detection, and a 155-degree field view, it is a complete security system package. In $99, it offers integration with Alexa and IFTTT, cloud storage, and two-way audio as well.

UPDATE: Amazon has launched a new range of Ring Car Alarm, Car Cam, Drone and more. See here.

Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo video doorbell also offers Integration with Alexa and IFTTT. This video doorbell provides a 180-degree field view, which improves your eye for security. 

Arlo stands out against its competitors because of the e911 feature. e911 connects you to first responders in emergency situations. It always directs first responders to your home and not your phone’s location. Arlo is a wired device that offers cloud storage and costs around $124. It provides additional services based on subscription. 

Google Nest Hello

Next on the list is Google’s Nest Hello, which comes at some price. It will cost you $229 but comes with some additional features compared to its counterparts. Even if you don’t have a monthly subscription, you can still capture 160° of footage for up to three hours. 

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Nest gets the edge because of the AI-powered motion detection system from Google. While most of its best features require a subscription, you can still record a 2k live video and use facial recognition for free. This device, too, like most, is a wired device.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Another top doorbell camera is Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus. A higher-end doorbell for the first one in this list offers everything Ring video doorbell does, and more. Of course, the added features come with a raised price. This device is valued at $149.99. 

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus offers a slightly extended field view of 160-degrees compared to the lower end version. The additional feature it offers is constant recordings and the faster 5Ghz WiFi standard. With design specifications more convenient in this model and the removable battery, it indeed becomes a device worth using. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Another version of the Ring series makes our list. Amazon has a Pro version of its doorbell camera series for a bit more money to spend. With aesthetically superior design and smaller in size, it supports a faster 5Ghz WiFi standard similar to Doorbell 3 plus. You can use the pro version for custom activity zones for yourself, for example, customizable motion alerts. While this model costs $189.99, it does not have a battery and can only be hardwired, its major drawback. 

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Amazon’s Ring doorbell series is too complete to miss out on. Each new model that comes into the market has something unique to offer. 

These top five Doorbell Cameras are unique in their way and target all kinds of customers. So, if you’re looking for a Doorbell Camera, one of these will suit your needs. You just need to recognize your needs and make a purchase decision that fulfills all your requirements.

Featured image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

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