Google Pixel 5: Reverse Charging feature turns the phone into a wireless charging pad

Plugging USB-C Cable Into Pixel 5 Automatically Turns On Reverse Charging.

Google introduced its new phone — affordable price, Android 11 with future updates, 5G, and what not? This is Google Pixel 5. The new Android smartphone was launched on September 30th virtually! Differentiating on the price and features it offers, Google Pixel 5 aimed to give it’s users a luxurious experience at an affordable price. 

Loaded with features & considered to be iPhone 12’s direct competitor this phone is no less than an experience into the life of luxury at a much lower price. Isn’t that too interesting? Absolutely it is! But wait, we have another news to break.

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One of the new features this article aims to talk about is the Reverse Charging feature. Google introduced a new charging feature that lets your phone charge all other Qi Compliant Devices. Be it wireless charging or wired charging, this phone does it all for you!

Wondering how you can use the Pixel 5 to charge other devices? Here’s how:

First of all, access the Battery Share option from the pull-down menu and turn it on.

Next, place any Qi Compliant Device or Pixel Buds on the backside of the phone. For the Pixel Buds the light on the Buds will light up when it starts to charge or in the case of the phone, you’ll see the charging option pop up.

The Battery Share will turn off if:

  • The phone doesn’t notice another device after 30 seconds
  • The other device is fully charged
  • The phone reaches a high temperature
  • If the phone notices poor placement of the device, a thick case, or any other issue
  • The Battery Saver of Pixel 5 is turned on

You can also set up a phone battery level when you no more want to share the battery. This could range from anywhere between 10% to 50%. Whenever your phone battery drains below that specified level, your phone will no more charge the other device.

Pixel 5: Save battery with Adaptive Charging feature

Understanding your priorities, the adaptive charging feature ensures that only the apps you love are draining out your phone’s battery. Saving up the battery from apps you rarely use so you can utilize it for up to 48 hours and also reverse charge your Pixel Buds or maybe share up with your friends on a sleepover.

  • Battery Share: a feature incorporated in the phone that automatically turns on when your phone is charging
  • If the phone doesn’t sense another device in this time period, the Battery Sharing is turned off smartly
  • The phone isn’t plugged in on charge? No worries, you can just manually switch on Battery Share from the settings

What are you waiting for then? Try this feature today & make your life a whole lot easier!

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