Apple Watch sued by NYU doctor over Heart Technology

A Cardiologist Dr. Joseph Wiesel, who coaches at NYU School of Medicine, has come up to sue Apple Watch for using his Irregular Heartbeat Detection technique.

He claimed that the company “refused to negotiate in good faith” and violated a patent for detecting Atrial Fibrillation. He also shared that after waiting for more than two years, now he left with no other selection but to file a lawsuit and sue. The aim behind this is that Wiesel requires Apple to stop applying his invention without paying him royalties against it. 

Apple Watch is acknowledged as a high-tech functional, and stylish creation with the heightened features of patients’ care and well-being.  

Dr. Joseph Wiesel filed the suit against Apple in federal court in Brooklyn. He stated that Apple featuring his invention that can measure the wearer’s heart rate and can provide notifications of an imperfect pulse.

He also revealed that his invention covered “pioneering steps” in atrial fibrillation detection by monitoring “irregular pulse rhythms from a succession of time intervals.”

Last year company approaches as “ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notification available on Apple Watch.” In series 4 (now series 5 has been launched) company featured a breakthrough for individual health. The wearable has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration in 2018 for its algorithm to detect Atrial fibrillation. 

Apple Watch has a feature to detect irregular or to skip a heartbeat. The ECG app can also help the wearer to understand aspects of their heart health. It also captured the attention of doctors to research on this feature.

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Apple has to deal with patent trolls’ on all fronts. Spokespeople of Apple, who don’t usually comment on litigation, didn’t promptly react to an inquiry regarding the suit.

Back in 2017, CEO Tim Cook revealed that the Apple Watch has become the top-selling watch globally. Apple Watch overshadowed traditional and smartwatch brands like Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Samsung.

Apple faced a lawsuit earlier this year over hazardous Watch screen defects.

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