iPhone SE (or iPhone 9) likely to be released this month, what specs we know so far?

We believe it will be called iPhone SE.

Apple‚Äôs new low-end phone 2020 iPhone SE (or iPhone 9) is going to be out this month, and it seems like the company is going to have a potential cheap phone after a long time that everyone waited for so long. Apple may open the orders for iPhone SE (or iPhone 9) by mid-April. 

We have been hearing many rumors about the successor of iPhone SE that Apple was expecting to launch in its event on March 31. The event was canceled due to the unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak. It is expected that Apple will launch the new 2020 iPhone SE (or iPhone 9)  probably via press release. 

Apple has huge market potential in Asian countries like China and India. Moreover, Tim Cook is said to believe a diversified range of iPhones is better from the sales perspective. Surprisingly, iPhone XR – the low-end iPhone – was the best selling phone of 2019 which gives a clear message that people want low-end iPhones now more than ever.

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The all-new iPhone SE, aka the iPhone 9, is said to look alike iPhone 8 and seems to be as powerful as iPhone 11. After the original iPhone SE, iPhone 9 is believed to be the next phone for the fans who love small phones, and if all the rumors or leaks prove true, this phone is going to be the next leading budget phone.

iPhone SE 2, 2020 iPhone SE or iPhone 9

According to 9to5Mac and Forbes, Apple will call its new entry-level successor the ‚Äė2020 iPhone SE‚Äô with an advanced level of hardware. The new SE successor expected to have a mix of two generations, a body like iPhone 8 and processing chip one and the same as iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Plus. 

iPhone SE sounds so confusing as it is exactly the same name for the original iPhone SE which was released in March 2016, with the then advanced A9 chip ‚ÄĒ same as iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and body of iPhone 5S.

A different take on the iPhone 9ar. Image: Hubert Jarechowicz/ConceptsiPhone)

A similar pattern is expected for ‘2020 iPhone SE’ or ‘iPhone SE 2’, it will be released in March (now postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis) with A13 bionic chipset, also found in iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and body of iPhone 8. Apple wants to stay with the same nomenclature by naming its iPhone SE 2 or 2020 iPhone SE.

However, a clear hint dropped by one of Apple’s partner companies i.e. Verizon. Verizon has mistakenly mentioned about the unreleased new iPhone on its website. The name of the new iPhone mentioned by Verizon is iPhone 9. which gives it another twist as some honorable leaksters named it iPhone SE.

Similarly, Virgin Mobile has named it iPhone 9 in Canada.

On the other hand, a screen protector from Belkin is spotted on the official iPhone accessories store which is labeled for use with iPhone 7, 8 and SE. It gives us a clear clue that the name of the new iPhone will be iPhone SE, and it will have the same dimensions of 5.7‚ÄĚ from the front as like iPhone 7 and 8. However, Apple has since removed the SE from the product title and details. It shows, if the phone is not named as the 2020 iPhone SE, then most probably it will be called iPhone SE 2.

Jon Prosser, an analyst, tweeted again about the availability of Apple Care for iPhone SE on the official website.

2020 iPhone SE (or iPhone 9) specs updates

Read iPhone 9 leaks: Display, Camera, Specs, Release Date to know what we know so far about the upcoming 2020 iPhone SE / iPhone 9. Following are some new updates regarding specs.

New rumors suggest that the new iPhone model will have 3GB of RAM with two confirmed storage tires; 64GB and 128GB. The other 256GB of storage not yet confirmed by any previous leaks or rumors.

Apple is being predicted to release two models of iPhone SE that will replace iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The predicted iPhone SE models are expected to feature a 5.5 or 6.1-inch LCD display. 

Kuo believes that iPhone SE will use a 10-layer Substrate-like PCB (SLP) for its motherboard similar to that of the iPhone 11 SLP. Expecting the new iPhone similar to the iPhone 8, OnLeaks believe that the new iPhone SE will be 7.8mm thick – 0.5mm thicker than the iPhone 8 and would be virtually identical to model 8 in height and width. 

The A13 Bionic processor will be a real deal breaker for old iPhone users to upgrade, as new services like Apple Arcade require iOS 13 which is supported only up to iPhone 6S.

According to various leaks, iPhone SE / iPhone 9 will not support 5G and headphone jack.

iPhone SE (or iPhone 9) leaked Price, Release Date, and Colors

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, previously reported that the company might price the new iPhone at $399. If the price does not quote as expected, Apple might sell the new iPhone SE at the price of the original iPhone SE, launched back in 2016. 

As per 9to5Mac, the news is in the air that Apple has begun taking the orders for its new iPhone SE distributors, and retailers will also start distributing cases for the new model by Sunday. According to Jon Prosser, 15 April

The leaks suspect that iPhone SE / iPhone 9 is likely to come in six color variants: White, Black, Product(RED), Rose Gold, Blue, and Yellow,

The flagship iPhone 12 is expected to be delayed by October.

AirTags coming?

Apple rumored to gear up its AirTags are like stickers that allow users to track things like keys, wallets, and more. AirTags are small devices used to find a missing object by using an iPhone or iPad through Apple‚Äôs ‚ÄúFind My‚ÄĚ app. The app will be a one-stop-shop for anything you want to find or bring into Apple’s ecosystem.

AirTags will have removable batteries with a CR2032 coin cell and built-in chips that send messages to the user‚Äôs device about where their lost items are. Users can connect them with their iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks with the device and whenever you missed any of them, the tag will chime loudly so you can track the location. 

As per a Japanese site, Mac Otakara, the AirTags will be completely waterproof and will use magnetic wireless charging like that of Apple Watch.

The concept is yet to come, but ‘Tile’ has not gone unnoticed of its copied feature. In that regard, Tile has also filed against Apple on using its concept. However, Find My app proved to be in favor of Apple as none of the other Bluetooth trackers, even Tile, is using that concept. 

According to respected and mostly accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo‚ÄĆ, Universal Scientific Industrial will begin supplying the system-in-package for the Air Tags in the mid of 2020. However, Kuo previously declared that AirTags will launch in early 2020. So there is a hope to expect an announcement of AirTags by Apple this month, but AirTags will be available later in 2020.

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